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QDMA writer Kip Adams speaks to the fun and techniques of raising his two children as aspiring deer hunters.

Turkey-hunting newbies take down a pair of gobblers in this very informative and action packed video.

Determined hunters young and old push through cold weather and luckless days to bag the biggest catch of all.

Look inside Camp Compass, a group that involves inner-city youth in outdoor adventures.

Every sport relies on youngsters getting involved at an early age, whether it's little league, Pop Warner football, or learning to ski at a...

Hunting enthusiasm is more infectious than the flu among youngsters who grow up hearing hunting stories from parents, uncles, aunts, and friends. Unfortunately, a...

One of the best ways to start hunting or fishing is to find a mentor to serve as a guide. The Pennsylvania Fish &...

Movies and TV shows have done wonders to increase the interest in archery, both traditional vertical bows and crossbows. The latter is by far the...

Motion-activated trail cameras are one of today's best deer hunting tools and,  like women's shoes, you can never have enough. The newest cameras allow...

Introducing a young person to hunting and the outdoors is a vital part of passing on the hunting tradition and training the next generation...