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When mule deer and whitetail habitats overlap, the more dominant whitetail deer often takes over. Wyoming officials are looking at increasing whitetail tags in order to protect mule deer.

Tag along on an awesome Wyoming elk hunt. This great video will motivate you while teaching you the hunting skills you need to succeed.

Wyoming Game & Fish is offering a raffle of big-game tags for $10, with the proceeds assisting conservation efforts in the state. Find out how to get in on the offer.

"The bulls bugled all night, making it practically impossible to sleep," said Mark Sullivan, VP of marketing for The Sportsman's Guide, a popular website for...

Americans often take their fantastic public resources for granted, given the fact that we can access millions of acres of public lands that include national...

Wilderness hunts and aluminum arrows can be a difficult match. You begin by shooting and numbering each arrow to ensure that it flies true...

My Wyoming archery elk hunt was a weather adventure. The floods that ravished Colorado spilled into Wyoming and my week saw frequent downpours, wild...

A record-book mule deer is one of North America's most challenging trophies. Populations are down in many ranges, and the age structure is very...