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Youth hunts aren't just for guys. Sharing a father/daughter event makes for great memories. Find out why more girls are taking up deer hunting.

Realtree's annual roundup of the best bows for female hunters reveals some encouraging traits. Get the full story and see which model was crowned champion.

More and more women are enjoying hunting as a sport. Here's one witty hunter's take on why it should be on every woman's to-do list.

Melissa Bachman is Miss Kansas, serves our country as a National Guard member and speaks to schoolchildren against bullying. So why are people threatening to kill her? Because she's a hunter. Read this sickening story.

Tree stands can be the most dangerous places around. Each year, hundreds of hunters are seriously injured because they were not properly secured in...

Throwing like a girl has long been a line of teasing, mostly from muscular men who have been throwing things since they could walk. However,...

As the holidays grow near and the prospects of larger family gatherings increase, you can bet that a discussion about hunting will emerge. There...

Four young women take on the challenge of the 2014 Extreme Huntress Competition in this upcoming show sponsored by Brownell. Larry Weishuhn and a...

Duck Commanders has changed the world. Who would have thought that a group of guys in camouflage and full-face camo would garner such attention...

Gents, if you've ever dressed your favorite lady in your camo clothing, the results were probably pretty dismal, no matter how beautiful she is. Face it,...