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Maryland Offers Program for Outdoorswomen [VIDEO]

Take a peek at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife and Heritage Service workshop for outdoorswomen.

Using the Flashbang Bra Holster [VIDEO]

Women looking for a way to carry their concealed weapons have a unique option with the bra holster. Watch this video to see how a novice shooter handles herself.

Study Shows Women Love the AR-15

While handguns are far and away the most popular firearms among female gun owners, AR-style rifles are making a major impact in the women’s market.

Rise of the Female Hunter [VIDEO]

Women now make up 11% of hunters, and that number is growing. This video explores the rising interest in hunting among females, as well as the disgraceful abuse that some are spewing against sportswomen.

How Female Deer Hunters Stay Warm

When the weather gets tough, real women go hunting. We found out what they do to keep warm. Find out their revealing answers in our special report.

More Girls Are Hunting Deer

Youth hunts aren't just for guys. Sharing a father/daughter event makes for great memories. Find out why more girls are taking up deer hunting.

2014’s Best Bows for Women

Realtree's annual roundup of the best bows for female hunters reveals some encouraging traits. Get the full story and see which model was crowned champion.

Top 10 Reasons Women Should Hunt

More and more women are enjoying hunting as a sport. Here's one witty hunter's take on why it should be on every woman's to-do list.

Miss Kansas Receives Death Threats from Anti-Hunters

Melissa Bachman is Miss Kansas, serves our country as a National Guard member and speaks to schoolchildren against bullying. So why are people threatening to kill her? Because she's a hunter. Read this sickening story.

A Tree Stand Harness for Women

With this ladies' safety harness, you can combine killer looks and skills.