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Wolves Slaughter Elk at Feeding Ground

Here's the carnage left by wolves in one night. Unbelievable!

Bison and Her Calves vs Wolves [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when a cow bison and her calf get separated from the rest of the herd. Wolves are vicious animals that must be controlled.

Study Minimizes Wolves’ Threat to Deer

Researchers are learning that predators, winter weather, and habitat influence the deer population more than wolves. Read the full report.

How to Hunt Wolves: Heed This Advice from the Experts

Three of the best wolf hunters give the inside scoop on how you can better stack the odds in your favor this season.

Scientists Agree: Great Lakes Wolves No Longer Endangered

Wolves kill a million and a half animals each year in the Great Lakes area, and are no longer endangered. So why are they still being protected?

Elk Hunter Is Surrounded By Wolves [VIDEO]

How would you handle being surrounded by wolves elk hunting? It would be a fear hard to explain until you had to experience it for yourself. Watch this dramatic video to see how it played out for one unsuspecting hunter.

Minnesota Wolf Management Stymied by Feds

Is the Endangered Species Act being used as a weapon by animal rights extremists? Find out how wolf management is being disrupted.

Idaho Officials Kill 19 Wolves to Boost Elk Herds

Wolves are suspected to have reduced an elk herd by 96%. Find out how government professionals are working to reduce wolf numbers in order to give elk a chance to recover.

More Pet Dogs Being Killed by Wolves

Wolves are vicious predators; your average pet dog has little chance against them. Find out what's causing the increase in wolf attacks.

Bad News for Wildlife: Wyoming Wolf Hunting Put On Hold

A federal Judge in Washington, D.C., rules on the side of animal rights groups against hunters. Find out more.