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Wolves Slaughter Elk at Feeding Ground

Here's the carnage left by wolves in one night. Unbelievable!

Woman, Stalked By Starving Wolf for 12 Hours, Encounters Defensive Mama...

A starving wolf stalked a woman and her dog for 12 hours. Then along came a mama bear looking to protect her cub. Read the thrilling true story of survival.

Bison and Her Calves vs Wolves [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when a cow bison and her calf get separated from the rest of the herd. Wolves are vicious animals that must be controlled.

Wolves Hunt Elk in Yellowstone [VIDEO]

Watch as a wolf pack pursues an elk in Yellowstone.

Check Out This Alberta Winter Wolf Hunt

How about a mid-winter wolf hunt? We've got info about a Canadian outfitter offering what sounds like a great excursion.

This Trail Cam Captured the Eeriest Wolf Howl… Listen and Get...

Listen to the spine-tingling sound of a howling wolf, as picked up by this trail cam.

Timber Wolf Released From Trap Unharmed [VIDEO]

It might sound like a dangerous proposition to release a timber wolf from a trap, but it's easier than you might think. Watch this video to see how it's done.

How to Hunt Wolves: Heed This Advice from the Experts

Three of the best wolf hunters give the inside scoop on how you can better stack the odds in your favor this season.

The Wolf Hunting You’ve Never Heard About [VIDEO]

Killing a wolf in the United States is a topless feat for many and a reprehensible crime to others. But there is a whole new level of wolf hunting you may have never seen before.

Elk Hunter Is Surrounded By Wolves [VIDEO]

How would you handle being surrounded by wolves elk hunting? It would be a fear hard to explain until you had to experience it for yourself. Watch this dramatic video to see how it played out for one unsuspecting hunter.