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See as one lucky hunter gets to enjoy the beauty of a nice albino buck and then harvest another deer with his muzzleloader moments later.

Albino deer are a rare sight in the wild. It's even more rare to capture the moment on video when an albino buck sheds his antlers. In this case, it came as a real shock -- to the buck!

A WIsconsin hunter bags a 191", 14-point giant buck that nearly enters the record books.

Wisconsin legislators are proposing a bill that would legalize blaze pink for deer hunters — a move lawmakers hope will encourage more women to take up the sport.

Here are the top 10 flies for early-season Driftless Area spring-creek fishing.

With so many large whitetail bucks in the record books, the chances of taking a new number one seem impossible. Here's how one lucky Wisconsin hunter made his way into the annals of local hunting history.

Two hunters shot the same deer. Of course, they decided to flip for it. Find out how it all went down.

Are you looking to harvest a world record whitetail? You may want to know the best states to start looking and what the numbers tell you.

An angler shooting a fishing reality show winds up with an unexpected story as he blows away a California state bowfishing record.

Read why you need to understand moonlight in order to catch more fish.