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Groundhog Hunter Walks Up on Sleeping Turkey [VIDEO]

Imagine finding a wild turkey gobbler asleep in the field. Watch what happens when a groundhog hunter stumbles across a snoozing tom.

Will Wild Turkey Scare Deer? The Pictures Don’t Lie

Our man in the field has a rough day when deer and turkey pass under his stand without opening themselves up for a shot.

Life of a Summer Gobbler

What's Ol' Tom up to this summer? Find out how gobbler behavior changes with the seasons.

Use the Lost Call for Fall Turkey Success

Fall turkey hunting gets you into the thick of the fall foliage. The results will reward your taste buds.

How to Attract More Game Birds

Specific plantings can be a boon to whitetail deer and game birds. The Mossy Oak Gamekeepers Club offers specific plantings and seeds to attract and hold game birds; find out more.

How to Scout Spring Gobblers [VIDEO]

Scouting spring gobbler locations is an excellent way to boost spring turkey success. Here's how to do it.

Targeting the Rio Grande Wild Turkey

The Rio Grande gobbler is one of the four-turkey grand slam. Follow one hunter as he tries to complete his big-four quest.

23 Great Spring Turkey Photos

Members of the North American Hunting Club share their best pictures of spring gobblers. Check out these stunning images.

Product Spotlight: Winchester XR Turkey Loads

A shot at 40 yards or closer is the gold standard for most turkey hunters, and many savvy sportsmen prefer birds at half that...

The Five Phases of Fall and Winter Flocks

The more you understand the biology of wild turkeys, the better your chances of spring gobbler success. Even though opening day is still a...