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How to Smoke a Wild Pig Ham

Check out this awesome recipe for wild-hog hams.

Amazing Live Trap for Hogs [VIDEO]

See a live trap with the ability to take several hogs at once.

Amazing Broadhead Kill Shot on Wild Hog [VIDEO]

Wild hogs are a tough animal that require a tough broadhead. Fortunately, we've got just the thing to take these beasts down.

Hogs Are Huge Concern for Deer Hunters

Think wild hogs don’t kill deer? Think again.

Boy Shoots Texas Hog with .45 Pistol [VIDEO]

Watch this young hunter shoot a charging hog with a .45 pistol.

Wild Hogs Carry Off Baby Whitetail

Another reason to target wild hogs? What do you think?

Wild Hog Eradication in Texas [VIDEO]

Hog hunting is not only a necessity in overrun Texas, it's also a blast. Check out these kill shots.

When Wild Hogs Attack [VIDEO]

Wild hogs are known to be aggressive critters. Watch as these hogs decide they've had enough of the people in their midst and decide to get revenge.

Hog Hunting at Night with Drones [VIDEO]

Nighttime drone usage is one way to gain an edge on encroaching wild hogs. But is it ethical? Watch this video and weigh in with your opinion.

Hunter Takes Out Three Hogs with a Single Shot [VIDEO]

Watch as this marksman makes one shot really count. Talk about conserving your ammo!