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When Wild Hogs Attack [VIDEO]

Wild hogs are known to be aggressive critters. Watch as these hogs decide they've had enough of the people in their midst and decide to get revenge.

Hog Hunting at Night with Drones [VIDEO]

Nighttime drone usage is one way to gain an edge on encroaching wild hogs. But is it ethical? Watch this video and weigh in with your opinion.

Hunter Takes Out Three Hogs with a Single Shot [VIDEO]

Watch as this marksman makes one shot really count. Talk about conserving your ammo!

Tannerite Explosion Takes Out Feral Hogs [VIDEO]

You've seen night vision shots before, but not like this one. Watch as Arkansas hunters take out feral hogs using thermal Tannerite explosions.

Hogs and Coyotes Offer Great Hunting Opportunities

Coyotes and wild hogs provide great off-season outdoor action. And by targeting coyotes, you're helping local deer herds as well as wild hogs, which are fleeing regions populated by coyotes.

Louisiana Hunters Kill More Hogs Than Deer

Will wild hogs rival deer as your state's number one big-game animal? Sounds crazy, but it's happening.

Florida’s Wild Hogs – Nuisance or Hunting Opportunity?

Learn why hog hunting has become big business in the Sunshine State.

Will Hunters Be Allowed to Go Whole Hog?

Wild hogs are coming! Wild hogs are coming! Like a pest-control Paul Revere, wildlife officials are warning about the dramatic population increase in wild hogs, and...

Hunting Feral Hogs at Night with Drone

If you like action, you'll love this video.