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Wild Boar Shot with Tracer Round [VIDEO]

Using a .22 tracer adds a entirely new level of excitement to hog hunting.

Angry Hogs: Hunting 400 lbs. of Wild Fury [VIDEO]

Watch as a well-prepared hunter encounters a herd of huge hogs.

Worst Wild Boar Attacks of All Time [VIDEO]

See ten hog encounters where it all went south.

Unstoppable Wild Hog Shrugs Off Bullets, Charges Shooter [VIDEO]

A wild hog takes bullet after bullet and just keeps coming.

Tannerite Explosion Takes Out Feral Hogs [VIDEO]

You've seen night vision shots before, but not like this one. Watch as Arkansas hunters take out feral hogs using thermal Tannerite explosions.

.22 Takes Out Hog with Ease [VIDEO]

.22-caliber rifles are not known to drop a big wild hog in its tracks, but that is exactly what this one did. See how it all went down.

Wild Boar Hunts From Hell [VIDEO]

With boar hunting, the hunter can become the hunted. See how quickly things can go sour on a wild boar hunt.

Tiger Cub Downs Wild Boar in Brutal Blitz Attack [VIDEO]

The big cats are ferocious predators. Witness the power of a tiger cub as it attacks an unsuspecting boar in this compelling video.

Armed Hunter vs. Wild Boar [VIDEO]

An armed man is attacked in the woods by a wild boar. Will he use his weapon against the beast? Watch this compelling video.

Giant Hog Finally Caught After Years of Hunting

A local legend is taken down by a determined hunter. See the amazing photos.