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Watch what happens when wild pigs turn the tables on hunters.

A single shot using a .22 rifle with a tracer cartridge took this wild boar down quick.

A charging boar was dispatched by a hunter’s sidearm before it could inflict any damage. Check out the wild footage.

Wild boar can be frightening. Good thing these mini ponies were there to save the day.

The key lesson in this incredible footage of a white rhinoceros attack on a warthog is that you shouldn’t mess with a rhino when it is eating.

An armed man is attacked in the woods by a wild boar. Will he use his weapon against the beast? Watch this compelling video.

A local legend is taken down by a determined hunter. See the amazing photos.

Wild hogs are coming! Wild hogs are coming! Like a pest-control Paul Revere, wildlife officials are warning about the dramatic population increase in wild hogs, and...