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Huge Success Hunting Early-Season Deer [VIDEO]

Get psyched for the season with this video of an early-season deer hunt.

Deer Show Up On Doorstep for a Meal [VIDEO]

Watch how these deer respond to being fed. Before you try this, check your local regulations.

Deer Discovered with Upper Canines

After killing a big 4 1/2-year-old buck in New York, a hunter makes a startling discovery: This whitetail deer had upper canines.

How to Field Dress a Deer In Seconds [VIDEO]

Learn how to field dress a deer in seconds.

Wet Whitetail Season Largely Frustrates Hunters

Weather-related challenges led to a frustrating 2015-16 season for whitetail hunters.

10 Ways to Rattle Up More Bucks [VIDEO]

Try these tips to improve your chances of rattling success.

Deer Lands on Electrical Pole

When the power goes out, you don't expect the reason to be that a deer landed on top of an electrical pole. Here are the facts behind this bizarre tale.

Ever Seen a 30-Point Doe? You Have Now

An Illinois hunter bagged what he believed was a trophy buck -- a 30 pointer. The truth was far stranger than that.

Watch This Dynamo Skin a Deer in Under Two Minutes [VIDEO]

You have to see this to believe it: The world's fastest deer skinner gets the job done in one minute and 48 seconds. See for yourself.

How to Hunt the October Lockdown

As this month progresses, and deer get out of their routine, buck sightings often decrease, making it tough to hunt. This is known as the October Lockdown. But there are ways to make it work; we'll walk you through the process.