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Love whitetail deer? Why not promote whitetail deer welfare as a career? We have the inside skinny on a unique employment opportunity.

Hitting a deer while running an ATV at full speed is scary stuff. Just watch!

If you're serious about that "buck of a lifetime," then where you hunt matters. Alberta's trophy potential is a poorly kept secret. Here's why they grow 'em big up in the Great White North.

Here is a brutal trail cam slideshow of two coyotes taking down a whitetail buck. Nature is cruel.

If you need an extra spark of motivation to venture out in the cold in late season, whether with muzzleloader, shotgun, or bow, this monster buck from Minnesota should give your aspirations a boost.

As if EHD isn't enough of a problem for whitetail deer, now feral cats are spreading disease. Learn about this ever-growing problem.

This bowhunter manages to make a heart shot. Lying down! Check out this footage, captured by a GoPro.

Behold, a free-range typical whitetail like no other.

This impressive 12-point typical whitetail is why Kansas is such a magnificent state for bowhunting.

Most would quickly deny any stalking habits, but in the world of deer hunting it is quite a remarkable talent. The ability to sneak up on a deer in their own environment is truly a big deal. Here's why.