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An Iowa Giant You Have to See [VIDEO]

A once-in-a-lifetime buck is only experienced by a few hunters. Joe Franz was one of those few.

Five Neck Shots, Five Bucks Down [VIDEO]

A neck shot will anchor a buck on the spot. Check out this video to see how it's done.

Coyotes Kill a Whitetail Buck [VIDEO]

Even a mature whitetail deer buck can fall victim to coyotes, as this grisly video demonstrates.

Does Logging or Habitat Work Push Deer Away?

Will timber work chase the deer from your area? A rancher in Texas wondered how his deer would react to intrusive sounds and conducted a scientific study, with interesting results.

The Unscorable Kentucky Freak That Took Four Years to Harvest

This deer's rack is so unusual it can't be scored. Even though it stood out, it evaded persistent hunters during an impressive four-year quest. Read the amazing story.

Is That a Buck or Doe Track? Here Are 6 Clues...

There are no guarantees to determining the sex of a deer that made a track. But you can put the odds in your favor by keeping these hints in mind.

Does Blaze Orange Give us Away When Hunting Deer?

Does wearing blaze orange for safety reasons cause us to stick out like a sore thumb? Can deer see us more easily when we wear protective gear? Find out here.

Walk Softly When Still Hunting Whitetails

Still-hunting is a near-insurmountable challenge if you don't know how to be stealthy in the woods. Here are two basic ways do go about it.

Rattling Brings In the Bucks [VIDEO]

For years, rattling has been thought of as a south Texas tactic, but the truth is, it works wherever whitetails live. Here are tips on best practices from our expert.

Deer Want In On Horse-Racing Action

Whitetail deer keep ending up in the strangest places. Now it seems like they can't stand and just watch horses race around the track without getting in on the action!