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Planted food plots are an ideal to attract and hold deer. It's not too soon to get started.

When it comes to deer hunting, we all define in different ways. One metric that's often overlooked: the fun factor.

Trespassers and poachers aren't the norm, but they are out there. Here's how to thwart them.

Turnips are one of the easiest food-plot resources to plant and grow throughout the fall and early winter. Learn more about this powerhouse plant.

Planting a food plot in the deep woods requires special seeds and placement, yet can be a magnet to local wildlife. Learn how to make it happen.

Experts reveal how to plant food plots for turkeys using the types of plants preferred by Tom.

If you have an out-of-the-way hunting spot and want to improve it, a small food plot may be a great idea. Even if the...

One of the great benefits of planting food plots is the feeling of accomplishment you get. You're not just oiling your gun or pounding...