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Does Logging or Habitat Work Push Deer Away?

Will timber work chase the deer from your area? A rancher in Texas wondered how his deer would react to intrusive sounds and conducted a scientific study, with interesting results.

18 Deer Unlawfully Killed By Poachers

Poachers kill 18 deer. This is the type behavior that gives hunters a bad name. But we shouldn't even call these guys “hunters.” Because they aren’t hunters. They’re killers.

The Unscorable Kentucky Freak That Took Four Years to Harvest

This deer's rack is so unusual it can't be scored. Even though it stood out, it evaded persistent hunters during an impressive four-year quest. Read the amazing story.

Deer, Hit by Car, Walks Into Hospital Emergency Room

A deer apparently hit by a car brought itself to a New York hospital and walked into the emergency room. Hard to believe, but true.

10 Ways to Rattle Up More Bucks [VIDEO]

Try these tips to improve your chances of rattling success.

Will Wild Turkey Scare Deer? The Pictures Don’t Lie

Our man in the field has a rough day when deer and turkey pass under his stand without opening themselves up for a shot.

Buck Sheds Velvet Live on Trail Cam [VIDEO]

See this rare event caught on video as a buck sheds its velvet.

Rattling Brings In the Bucks [VIDEO]

For years, rattling has been thought of as a south Texas tactic, but the truth is, it works wherever whitetails live. Here are tips on best practices from our expert.

How to Scent-Time the Rut

When it comes to deer hunting, scents can increase your odds for success when used at the right time. Learn when to use scents, and which odors are most appropriate for each season.

Self-Filmed Archery Hunt [VIDEO]

Watch as Real Outdoors TV host Matt Wettish hits the woods alone, with bow and camera in tow, in hopes of capturing a successful day afield. The end result is meat in the freezer.