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A deer collision on the highway is a lose-lose proposition for everyone. Follow these tips for safe travel.

Nebraska is a sleeper state for big whitetail bucks, yet hunters frequently dismiss it as a potential hunting ground. Here's why they're wrong.

Urban whitetail often grow to trophy size, due to a lack of hunting pressure. If you're looking for a unique hunting opportunity, turn to your nearest city.

Tired of traipsing out to check your trail cam again and again? This wireless trail camera is an economical alternative. Bonus: You won't alert game to your presence when checking photos, since you'll be at your computer. Check out our preview.

You can't control the wind, but you can control your scent. A new product guarantees it.

Hunting deer from trees can be dangerous, so you need a safety harness. We've found one that's both comfortable and simple. Check out the details.

What happens when a deer dies in the wild? This trail-camera narrative tells the gruesome story.

Finding scrapes during the rut means a buck was there. Will it return? These tips will help you determine the hidden meanings behind most scrapes.

The rut is on! Yet bucks and does may not be where you think they are. This video explains how to locate them.

Scrapes make deer hunting exciting. Learn how to interpret them and use them to your advantage in this insightful video.