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The Quality Deer Management Association invites all hunters to submit pictures of their first deer.

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Narrow down the best treestand placement for each seasonal phase.

Strange things happen to whitetail deer. Learn how one buck's mangled leg affected its antler growth.

Whitetail deer are a nuisance in many small towns and suburbs, but one Ohio town has come up with a unique solution: paintball guns. Find out what kind of reception this controversial idea has received.

Are you looking to harvest a world record whitetail? You may want to know the best states to start looking and what the numbers tell you.

The best way to get the venison you love is to process it yourself. This video will show you exactly how to do it.

Experienced hunters know the value of wind direction, including thermals and subtle breezes. Here's why that knowledge is so vital to your whitetail-hunting success.