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The 10 Best States for Deer Hunting

Here is the top 10 Booner states for deer hunting since 2010. Look at how those numbers stack up to the historical figures, and then set your hunt plans in motion.

Huge Success Hunting Early-Season Deer [VIDEO]

Get psyched for the season with this video of an early-season deer hunt.

Little Girl Pets Fawn [VIDEO]

Watch as a young girl pets a fawn.

Motorcyclist Crashes Into Deer [VIDEO]

A motorcycle driver collided with a deer; it's all caught on camera, thanks to a GoPro on the driver’s helmet.

Make Money Finding Shed Antlers [VIDEO]

Shed hunters find a few souvenirs in a new area; come along on a video excursion.

Hogs Are Huge Concern for Deer Hunters

Think wild hogs don’t kill deer? Think again.

This Camo is Based on How Deer See [VIDEO]

Check out a line of camouflage that was designed with deer eyes in mind.

POV Deer Hunting from Tree Stand [VIDEO]

Watch this POV video as a hunter in a tree stand bags the first deer that comes along.

Excavator Rescues Deer Drowning in Mud [VIDEO]

An excavator operator shows up at just the right time for a young deer that's stuck in the mud.

Michigan Deer Cull Sparks Protests

A variety of activists converged on Ann Arbor to protest the culling of whitetail deer.