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Man Saves Deer Trapped on Ice [VIDEO]

Here's one of the best deer stories ever: Steve Peterson is a hero to every deer hunter in America, because he risked his life to rescue a helpless animal. Watch the heartwarming story.

The Top 5 Deer Hunting Stories of 2015

Don't miss the five best deer-hunting stories from 2015.

Five Neck Shots, Five Bucks Down [VIDEO]

A neck shot will anchor a buck on the spot. Check out this video to see how it's done.

Stay Warm on Stand and Stay in the Game

Here are great tips for staying warm during deer season.

Coyotes Kill a Whitetail Buck [VIDEO]

Even a mature whitetail deer buck can fall victim to coyotes, as this grisly video demonstrates.

When Fawns Breed, It’s a Good Sign

A mild winter typically means more doe fawns breeding during the so-called second rut. And when fawns breed, it's a positive sign for the herd.

White Doe Births Two Fawns: One White, One Brown [VIDEO]

Check out these two fawn siblings: One white, the other brown. This is not something you see every day!

Nun Kills 10-Point Buck, Posts Photo. Guess What Happens? [VIDEO]

This nun snagged herself a nice 10-point buck on opening day, then shared the picture online. That's when things all went to hell.

Does Logging or Habitat Work Push Deer Away?

Will timber work chase the deer from your area? A rancher in Texas wondered how his deer would react to intrusive sounds and conducted a scientific study, with interesting results.

18 Deer Unlawfully Killed By Poachers

Poachers kill 18 deer. This is the type behavior that gives hunters a bad name. But we shouldn't even call these guys “hunters.” Because they aren’t hunters. They’re killers.