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Most whitetail hunters have limited vacation time, so planning an out-of-state trip takes special planning. Discover the four best weeks to go on your hunt.

Turnips are one of the easiest food-plot resources to plant and grow throughout the fall and early winter. Learn more about this powerhouse plant.

Good ol' food plots have grown by leaps and bounds. Here's the state of the art today.

Sometimes big bucks come from small acreage. Here's how one hunter makes it happen.

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Ticks are a predator of whitetail deer and a source of disease to humans. See this video to find out how you can protect yourself against tick infections.

A field of clover is a deer hunter's prize. Like a garden, it requires much attention to keep it producing. Here are some ways to ensure the ongoing quality of your clover.

Looking for a way to attract quality deer to your property? Consider setting up a mineral lick; we'll walk you through the process.

The American Whitetail Authority offers a competitive whitetail hunt using "digital" bullets. Find out more.