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Deer Fights Off Coyote [VIDEO]

Watch this one-on-one battle between a whitetail deer and a coyote.

Study Minimizes Wolves’ Threat to Deer

Researchers are learning that predators, winter weather, and habitat influence the deer population more than wolves. Read the full report.

Deer Discovered with Upper Canines

After killing a big 4 1/2-year-old buck in New York, a hunter makes a startling discovery: This whitetail deer had upper canines.

Whitetail Vacation: Affordable Deer Management Hunts in Texas

A management hunt in Texas is a great way to experience a unique hunt for a bargain price.

How to Field Dress a Deer In Seconds [VIDEO]

Learn how to field dress a deer in seconds.

Buck Shows Unusual Behavior Toward Hunters [VIDEO]

Deer are unpredictable animals, but we've never imagined that a wild deer would allow a hunter to do this.

U.S. Hunters Taking More Mature Bucks

Hunters are choosing to pass up younger bucks for the prospects of more mature deer.

Iowa Deer Pays DNR a Visit

This young deer seems to have a question for the DNR. Find out the story behind this popular image.

Extreme-Weather Mule Deer Hunt [VIDEO]

This is the stuff adventures are made of. Rim-rocked canyons, open fields and treacherous terrain that suits the mule deer perfectly. Humans have a bit more trouble with it, however.

Set Stands Now for Success Next Fall

Now's a great time to prepare your tree stand for next season. Here's a solid ladder-style tree stand that our man in the field assembled and tested out.