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Can We Manage Deer Genetics?

Can we affect deer genetics? Find out how science may affect the coming years' harvests.

Why Do Bucks Form Bachelor Groups? [VIDEO]

Learn why bucks bunch up in the summer.

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Get a preview of Browning's new trail camera and learn how its features might help you be a more effective hunter.

Most Amazing Deer Collision Ever [VIDEO]

Watch this amazing deer collision, starring a police cruiser and one very lucky buck.

For Big Results, Plan a Small Plot

Small food plots can be dynamite hunting spots.

How to Scout for Deer in the Summer

Do you scout for deer during the warmer months?

Deer Hunter Nails a Tough Angle with Perfect Shot [VIDEO]

This is not a shot a lot of hunters would take, but Michael King did it. Watch how it happened.

Can EHD Be Prevented?

This critical information could help deer hunters reduce the risk or severity of EHD and bluetongue outbreaks.

How High Can a Deer Jump? [VIDEO]

This deer has the ability to jump high fences in a single bound. But just how high can a normal deer jump? This video will show you.