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Find out how best to serve local bucks in order to make the most of next year's hunt.

A wide variety of animals benefit from any food plot, even predators. Best of all, they help keep the hunting excitement going year-round, instead of for a few weeks in the fall.

One poacher shot another in this Pennsylvania night-time event. We can already imagine your thoughts on this story...

Most folks celebrate on New Year's Eve. Tiffany Lakosky did so in a very special way. Read about her impressive kill.

Sometimes when animals do what comes natural, we can't help but laugh.

Shed antler hunting is a great spring sport, and your dog can help. Here's how to get Fido ready.

If you need an extra spark of motivation to venture out in the cold in late season, whether with muzzleloader, shotgun, or bow, this monster buck from Minnesota should give your aspirations a boost.

As if EHD isn't enough of a problem for whitetail deer, now feral cats are spreading disease. Learn about this ever-growing problem.

EHD can wipe out 75% of a deer herd in a month or less. Is your local deer population at risk? Find out more.

If you hunt a stand one day, how less likely are deer to return the next day? A new study answers that question; find out what it reveals.