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What measures would you go to in order to find a wounded deer? One Ohio hunter went to extremes, by renting a helicopter to find his monster Ohio buck. Read the full crazy story.

PETA sues to stop managed archery hunts. Find out what you can do.

Check out this early-season monster.

A 14-day trail-camera survey can reveal tons of great information about a local deer herd. Here are five tips for producing better results.

Find out what trick deer use in order to see danger approaching at all times, even when their heads are down while eating.

New research into deer eyesight reveals how best to come to full draw without being detected by whitetail deer.

We've all read advice on the best ways to kill a deer. But do you know what it takes not to kill one? That knowledge may make all the difference this coming season.

Deer fights can end badly. Imagine a deer fighting without antlers. This video shows how it goes down.

Chronic Wasting Disease is a serious threat to the future of deer hunting. Yet many hunters don’t understand the threat. That's why it's important for all deer hunters to learn what's really happening right now.

An Ohio bowhunter climbs into his treestand with the lofty goal of killing a giant white-tailed buck with double drop tines. The buck presents a long broadside shot and Tim launches an arrow. See what happens next.