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How quickly do big bucks become nocturnal when pressured by hunters? The answer may surprise you.

Hunting deer in the Dakotas is always an adventure. They even have hybrids, such as the mule deer/whitetail in this compelling video. See if these hunters can take it down.

Fences can be a bowhunter's best friend. Use these tricks to use these man-made barriers to your advantage.

A weekend escape of hunting doesn't have to be expensive and can add variety to your hunting options.

Mock scrapes can fool the craftiest of bucks. Here's how it works.

Stalking whitetail deer on foot is the toughest challenge in hunting. Ron Spomer takes you deep into the hills of Texas on this quest.

How and where do whitetail deer sleep? Have you ever found one snoozing away? Here's the latest on this little-known subject.

The harsh winter of 2013-14 took a significant toll on Minnesota wildlife, and officials are acting conservatively as they set limits for the upcoming deer season.

Whitetail deer can be difficult to age. Find out how long they normally live and how to estimate their years.

Aging a deer at a glance is an important skill. Watch these videos to pick up a few helpful tips to help you determine a buck's age.