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Elk hunting will be affected by fire zones across the West this fall.

Antelope hunting is great fun, but a challenge. Whether you plan to use an outfitter or hunt on your own, this video has some great tips to help you plan the perfect hunt.

Pronghorn antelope are abundant across the West and make for an exciting hunt. Learn the single best way to get close to this magnificent animal.

If you've ever dreamed of hunting elk in the West, we've got the book for you.

Mule deer conservation is critical to the survival of the species. In this video, experts and wildlife-agency reps across the West speak to the need for action.

Pronghorn antelope rut from early through late September, and using a decoy is the most exciting means of bagging one. Be warned, however, your...

Whitetail deer hunters are schooled on silence, sneaking through the woods as quietly as possible, approaching stands with stealth and silence, and avoiding the...

Native Americans own millions of acres of land across the West; most reservations have huntable game populations. Here's how to get access.

Some whitetail hunters will travel out West just to hunt them. Yes, the hunting is that good. Here's a full report.