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Everything You Need to Know About Cooking Waterfowl

Here's a great resource for all waterfowl hunters: a comprehensive guide to cooking waterfowl, from seasons to seasoning.

Setting Up The “T-Pattern” Decoy Spread [VIDEO]

This basic early season duck hunting decoy spread, called the T Pattern, works best for winds coming over your back and blowing straight out into the decoy spread. Watch this video to learn how it's done.

The 10 Commandments of Public-Land Duck Hunting

Follow these 10 rules to make waterfowling on public hunting areas a more enjoyable experience.

A Waterfowl Jacket Designed Especially for Women

In response to a growing market, this waterfowl jacket has been designed specifically for female hunters.

This Could Be the Biggest Duck Season Ever

Get ready for one hell of a duck season: This year's mallard breeding population of 11.6 million birds was a record, eclipsing the previous all-time high of 11.2 million birds set in 1958.

Duck Hunters: How to Make Your Own Jerk String [VIDEO]

Realism is a key component to a decoy spread. Nothing adds realism like using a jerk string. Learn how to make your own jerk string with this video.

Swarms of Late-Season Minnesota Mallards

Have you been checking out Realtree Outdoor's YouTube series "The X"? It's not too late to check out this engaging series as the season winds down with a must-see video.

Check Out Duck Commander’s New Line of Hunting Blinds

Ameristep introduces an entire line of Duck Commander blinds, including one for your living room. Get a preview of the full line-up.

Hunting Early Season Canada Geese

It's time for early-season Canada goose. Check out the action as the Realtree team stakes out the fields of New York.

The Easiest Decoy Ever

Wrestling with decoys in the dark can be frustrating when the anchor lines tangle. Check out this cool, simple solution.