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Discover This 102-Year-Old Hunter’s Secret to Longevity

Clyde Roberts might be the oldest hunter in the country, at 102 years old. Find out what keeps him going.

Are Coyotes to Blame for Dwindling Deer Population? [VIDEO]

Are you seeing as many deer as you usually do during deer season? If not, you may have a coyote problem. Read why many hunters are looking to eradicate these predators.

How to Turn Small Acreages Into a Whitetail Paradise

Small tracts of land can become a hunter's paradise with the right habitat manipulation. Learn how to get things ready now for a great fall deer-hunting season.

3 New Cases of Chronic Wasting Disease Detected In Virginia Deer

For decades hunters have taken their abundant whitetail deer herds for granted. New outbreaks of diseases may put an end to those glory days. Get the full story.

Bald Eagle Gets a Second Chance

We all know about animal hospitals for injured dogs and cats. But where does a bald eagle go if it breaks a wing, flies into a window, or faces similar calamities? Find out in this thrilling story.

49 Marlin in One Day

Read how one family experienced the thrill of catching white marlin 49 times in one day.