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Aw, hell no! The most insane tourist activity in the world has to be swimming in the Devil’s Pool. Watch this video, if you have the nerve.

These men take hunting for snakes to a whole new level.

Ever wondered what it would be like to go hog hunting with a Barrett .50 cal rifle? This guy in Texas did. Check out what it did to the hog.

If you’ve ever wondered what viper venom does to human blood, you’re about to find out. It’s not pretty.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a mule deer shed his antlers? This lucky hunter not only got a glimpse of this beautiful mule deer buck, he managed to capture video footage as the deer dropped first antler, then the other right in front of him.

Check out these coyote kills and get fired up for some predator hunting.

The key lesson in this incredible footage of a white rhinoceros attack on a warthog is that you shouldn’t mess with a rhino when it is eating.

Deer antler velvet has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for medical conditions, but does it really work? According to the folks selling it, yes it does work. Find out why.

Gobbler decoys can be deadly on spring gobblers. Here's a device that will have the turkeys actually running right to you.

Here is a brutal trail cam slideshow of two coyotes taking down a whitetail buck. Nature is cruel.