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Hunter Shoots Fighting Elk [VIDEO]

Watch this amazing video of a hunter who comes across two elk fighting and arrows one at 10 yards out.

Amazing Long Range Shots [VIDEO]

These long range shots push the limits.

Elk vs. Cars: It’s On! [VIDEO]

Even your car might not be safe when a big bull elk is riled up.

Hog Dropped with Nighttime Tracer Round [VIDEO]

Watch as a careful marksman takes out a wild hog at night with a tracer round.

Check Out This AR-Style Double Barrel Shotgun [VIDEO]

Can this AR-style gun really be a shotgun?

Crazy Animal Attacks [VIDEO]

You can never let your guard down in the wild.

Amazing 200 Yard Trick Shot with Archery Bow [VIDEO]

This has to be one of the most impressive archery trick shots we've ever seen.

Cutest Bear Attack Ever [VIDEO]

Now this is the kind of bear attack we could handle!

Winter Comes Early to Canada [VIDEO]

This Canadian waterfowl hunt is a grand adventure.

Peeing on Deer Scrapes: Does It Work? [VIDEO]

What happens when a hunter pours human urine on a deer scrape? Find out with this video.