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Can a tree stand be too high? This video looks at this question with the understanding that higher isn't always better.

Watch the epic battle of one angler vs. beast as he catches a catfish that no skillet would hold.

Here's an easy way to catch all of the fishing bait you'll ever need.

There is a wrong way and a right way to hold a dangerous snapping turtle. Make sure you know the difference.

Stop the mosquitoes before they have a chance to get close. If this solution is good enough for our military, it should work for you.

Is it possible for a Komodo dragon to kill a water buffalo that weighs 1,500 pounds more? You'll just have to watch and see for yourself.

Processing your own deer saves money, and ensures that your deer is properly cared for from start to finish. This video introduces you to the essentials behind DIY processing.

With deer season just around the corner why buy those expensive scent cover-ups when you can make your own for just pennies? Covering human scent in the woods is a must to score that big buck you've been watching.

What do you do when a thirsty leopard stops just feet away from you to take a drink? The slightest whisper could have sent it running or even charging. See this amazing real-life footage.

Will light arrows from a crossbow handle large game? We put them to the test in a recent African safari. Check out our exclusive video.