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So, this is what it looks like when a grizzly bear eats a GoPro camera.

These are the best kid hunting kill reactions you’ve ever seen!

Have you ever seen a mama bear climb, shake and finally break a tree in half to rescue her cub? You're about to.

Of all the tips a hunter can share, peeing on a deer scrape might be one of the craziest pieces of advice… ever.

Fall turkey hunting plays second fiddle to the number of spring turkey advocates, yet more and more hunters are hearing the music of the lost turkey call. Find out why in this season-preview video.

Black bears and whitetail deer often inhabit the same environment and feast on acorns in fall, creating a unique combo opportunity. Check out this video to see how to maximize your hunt.

Believe it or not, here’s an orphan deer being nursed by a chocolate lab.

Things get a little crazy in Alaska during the moose rutting season, even in the suburbs.

Flying with a herd of elk looks like one of the most awesome experiences ever.

Check out this unbelievable video of a hunter who encounters two elk fighting and arrows one at 10 yards during this hunt in Wyoming.