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The Art of Making a Waterfowl Call [VIDEO]

Find out what goes into the creation of a waterfowl call that can fool Mother Nature's own creatures.

How to Fan a Gobbler [VIDEO]

Using a turkey fan might be just the ticket to tricking a big old gobbler. Read about the best way to kill a stubborn field bird.

When Wild Animals Attack [VIDEO]

Forget what you see in animation, where animals of all types get along. The real world isn't so tranquil. Watch the real nature show in this unexpurgated video.

Motorcyclist Crashes Into Deer [VIDEO]

A motorcycle driver collided with a deer; it's all caught on camera, thanks to a GoPro on the driver’s helmet.

South Texas Blackbuck Bow Hunt [VIDEO]

Come along for the ride as Michael Cantrell hunts hard for a blackbuck in South Texas.

Worst Bear Attacks on Humans [VIDEO]

Watch some of the worst bear attacks on humans. If you happen to be afraid of bears, this video will do nothing to change your mind.

Make Money Finding Shed Antlers [VIDEO]

Shed hunters find a few souvenirs in a new area; come along on a video excursion.

Black Bear Takes Down Moose [VIDEO]

Watch as a black bear takes down a moose calf.

Here’s How Not to Shoot a Compound Bow [VIDEO]

Don't be like the poor chap in this video... Learn the proper way to grip and handle your compound bow.

Ungrateful Raccoon Bites the Hand That Feeds It [VIDEO]

Here's a good reminder of why you shouldn't feed the wildlife!