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Watch an 80-lb. marlin caught by handline in just 8 minutes.

What’s causing Oregon’s Lost Lake to disappear into this strange hole?

This footage is pretty bizarre; a three-legged bear has quickly adapted to walk in a shocking way. This bear is smarter than your average bear.

The spider-tailed viper is a snake with the best of both worlds: a viper’s body and a tail like a spider. Shuddering yet?

Here’s the beginner’s guide to finding morel mushrooms.

A young angler hooks into a nice musky using his Toyota Corolla as his fishing platform! Don't believe it? Watch this video and see for yourself.

Including your spouse in hunting trips can pay big benefits. Here are the top five reasons to take your partner hunting.

Hunters become the hunted when a pissed off leopard attacks their safari truck, almost getting close enough to rip them to pieces.

The title of this YouTube video, “Squirrel vs. Snake,” may be a little misleading. Watch this video to find out what really happens.

A 12-year-old making an incredible archery shot on a deer is quite a feat itself. Now how about that same shot but arrowing 2 deer with 1 shot? This incredible shot was caught on camera as proof. Check it out.