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A 12-year-old bowhunter makes an amazing first kill as he hits two deer with one arrow. Watch the incredible footage.

When two of Africa's Big 5 square off to fight, the battle will be epic.

Shooting a target at 300 yards with archery gear sounds impossible, right? Watch this impressive archer prove that theory wrong.

Can an exploding .357 Magnum provide a quick, clean, and ethical bow shot? Watch this video and judge for yourself.

This mule deer buck was not exactly pleased with the hunter that shot his antlers. Watch how it all played out.

Don't let the rain stop you from harvesting a big buck. Aerosol scents will help you entice bucks to visit their scrapes.

When police get a call about a fight in progress, they're not usually expecting to have to break it up by tasing an agitated buck. See this bizarre event on video.

See as one lucky hunter gets to enjoy the beauty of a nice albino buck and then harvest another deer with his muzzleloader moments later.

For this father-and-son hunting team, the proper upkeep and maintenance of their vehicles is an essential ingredient to successful hunting.

The flat set is a great way to catch coyotes. This video perfectly illustrates how to go about it.