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How to Clean a Wild Turkey [VIDEO]

Here's a neat, easy way to clean a wild turkey.

It’s Not Too Late to Pattern Your Shotgun for Turkey Season...

Patterning your shotgun is critical to hunting success. To avoid embarrassing and frustrating misses, know how your shotgun shoots. This video will show you what you need to know.

Slo-Mo Snake Attack [VIDEO]

Watch as a puff adder, a very poisonous snake, strikes in slow motion.

Whitetail Buck No Match for 12-Gauge Shotgun [VIDEO]

A mature 8-point buck falls after taking the full impact of a shotgun slug to the lungs.

Could You Shoot Your Bow Underwater? [VIDEO]

What will happen when this guy tries shooting his bow underwater? Watch the video to find out.

Grizzly Attacks Young Elk [VIDEO]

A young elk tried to escape a charging bear, but the big grizzly ended up winning. Watch the gripping footage.

Two Deer Taken with One Shot [VIDEO]

Two deer walk into range, presenting the perfect opportunity to take them both with a single shot. Do you take the shot?

Bison and Her Calves vs Wolves [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when a cow bison and her calf get separated from the rest of the herd. Wolves are vicious animals that must be controlled.

Bowhunter Kills Flying Goose [VIDEO]

Do you have a hard time killing geese with your shotgun? Maybe you should try archery gear. TV host Tim Wells demonstrates.

The Strongest Line-to-Line Knot [VIDEO]

Tying two fishing lines together is simple with this small but strong knot.