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Startled Buck Runs Right Toward Waiting Hunter [VIDEO]

Watch as a buck, startled by gunfire, runs right at a waiting hunter.

Hunting Wild Hogs with Just Dogs and a Knife [VIDEO]

Hunting hogs with a knife is not for everyone. It takes a certain type of person to do what you're about to see.

Is Hunting Still Relevant? [VIDEO]

Take part in she debate about the relevance of hunting in this day and age.

Deer Hunter Nails a Tough Angle with Perfect Shot [VIDEO]

This is not a shot a lot of hunters would take, but Michael King did it. Watch how it happened.

Cook the Perfect Steak in a Beer Cooler [VIDEO]

Forget the grill or oven. The best venison steak of your life gets cooked in a beer cooler. Trust us.

How High Can a Deer Jump? [VIDEO]

This deer has the ability to jump high fences in a single bound. But just how high can a normal deer jump? This video will show you.

Make the Ultimate Bushcraft Axe for Just $7 [VIDEO]

For just a little bit of money and time, you can have a sturdy axe that you'll actually use.

Coyote Taken Down by 9mm Tracer Round [VIDEO]

Tim Wells delivers an amazing shot to this coyote's head using a 9mm tracer round.

Follow This Essential Field-Dressing Tip to Ensure Clean Venison [VIDEO]

See how one simple field-dressing trick can greatly enhance your venison quality.

Bighorn Ram Hunting at the Top of the World [VIDEO]

Bighorn rams may be the ultimate bowhunting challenge.