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The California home owner was disturbed by the sound of a drone hovering over his home. So he did what any rational person would do... grabbed his shotgun and blasted that thing right out of the sky! Check out the awesome video.

Watch as a woman films a deer giving birth right outside her backyard window.

This struggling deer caught with bare hands is a sad situation, but amazing to watch.

The stalking bear sneakily creeps up on a bowhunter until it is almost on top of him. Quick shooting with a rifle at three yards ends this tense moment.

This rifle scope is designed to maximize the range of your crossbow. Take a closer look.

Summer vacation is right around the corner for kids in school, so here are some engaging outdoor summer camps for kids to consider registering them in.

Popcorn at the campsite couldn’t be much easier than this.

Deep in the Nicaraguan jungle, four expedition anglers hunt for the elusive Rainbow Bass.

A pair of anglers battle big mean jacks biting topwater lures off the Space Coast of northern Florida. They seem a little undergunned, if you ask us.

Watch as an angler vertical-jigs off New Guinea for some tackle-busting dogtooth tuna.