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Monster Buck Hit by Car [VIDEO]

Hunters hate to see a big buck get hit by a car. We take a look back at the last years of Ohio buck "Bosa."

Rage Hypodermic Leaves This Buck Confused [VIDEO]

After being hit with a Rage Hypodermic, this buck didn't know which way to run. Watch what happened.

Opening Day Dove Hunt Action [VIDEO]

Check out this early-season dove action as these sportsmen fill their limit on a public-land hunt.

Snorting Impala is In the Mood for Love [VIDEO]

Listen as a southern impala makes a unique mating sound, then stick around to see the result.

Never Field Dress an Animal Again [VIDEO]

There's nothing fun about field dressing an animal. What if we told you you never had to do it again? Check out this video to learn more.

30 Shots in 30 Seconds [VIDEO]

If it's not yet opening day where you live, this video will have you itching to get out there ASAP!

This Luxury RV Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

Prepare to be amazed at the spaciousness of this luxury RV. This is definitely not roughing it!

Hunting Oregon’s Roosevelt Elk [VIDEO]

Hunting with buddies is great fun and more productive. Watch this group as they go out in search of the largest of the four remaining North American elk subspecies.

It’s Time for Early Season Goose Hunting [VIDEO]

Some of the best goose hunting takes place in September. See what the early-season action is like.

How to Load a Deer Into a Truck By Yourself [VIDEO]

This handy device, which can be stored behind your front seat, allows you to pick up a buck and haul it away, even if you're by yourself.