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Sneaky Hunter Grabs Buck’s Antlers [VIDEO]

Watch the moment a hunter creeps up on and successfully grabs a deer's velvet antler.

An Easy Way to Clean a Squirrel Plus a Couple Kill...

This video shows everything you need to know in order to clean a squirrel with ease.

Mountain Lion in Heat [VIDEO]

Don't get caught unaware: Listen to and learn the sound of a mountain lion in heat.

Young Hunter Shows What Hunting Is All About [VIDEO]

This young huntress demonstrates the true meaning of what hunting is supposed to be about.

How to Broadhead Tune a Bow [VIDEO]

Here's how to tune broadheads to fly like target points.

How to Bowhunt from Elevated Positions [VIDEO]

Here's how to solve one of the biggest problems facing deer hunters.

Wyoming Bull Elk Taken with Crossbow [VIDEO]

A trophy bull elk is taken with a crossbow on an exciting Wyoming hunt.

Too Close to a Grizzly [VIDEO]

Here's how you act when a grizzly bear walks right toward you.

Discover the Best Odor Control for Your Next Hunt [VIDEO]

Odor control should be on every hunter's mind. Learn how to prevent being busted by a whitetail's nose.

Would You Shoot a Fighting Bull? [VIDEO]

Is shooting a bull that's fighting with another bull crossing ethical boundaries?