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Tour the Luxury EarthRoamer Camper [VIDEO]

Check out this rugged luxury camper. It's built to prepare you for everything short of nuclear war. (And maybe even that!)

Check Out This Kick-Ass Ice Sled [VIDEO]

Check out this self-propelled ice sled, made from a jon boat and metal pipe runners.

Anti-Drone ‘Rifle’ Can Bring Down Any Drone [VIDEO]

This anti-drone system uses radio pulse to disable a drone without blasting it out the sky. It has a range of 400 meters. Bet you'd like to get your hands on one, wouldn't you?

Should Dogs Be Used to Chase Down Coyotes? [VIDEO]

Hunters in Kansas are using dogs to chase down coyotes. What do you think about this type of hunting? Is it ethical or not?

These Fighting Mink Are Vicious Little Devils [VIDEO]

Watch as three different -- and crazy -- mink fights are caught on video.

Coyote Taste Test [VIDEO]

Have you considered eating coyote to find out what it tastes like? No need; these guys did it for you!

Buck Shows Unusual Behavior Toward Hunters [VIDEO]

Deer are unpredictable animals, but we've never imagined that a wild deer would allow a hunter to do this.

Two Bucks Locked Together Freed by Hunter [VIDEO]

This buck may have been happy to be released, but he had a weird way of showing it.

How to Make Squirrel Barbacoa Tacos [VIDEO]

Looking for a new way to prepare squirrels? Here's a good recipe that's easy to prepare. It also serves as a good entry point if you've never sampled squirrel meat.

Bowfishing from a Ground Blind [VIDEO]

Here's an interesting way to get close to the fish: Bowfishing from a ground blind.