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Hunter Saves Mule Deer from Coyotes [VIDEO]

Coyotes are notorious deer killers. Thanks to one noble bowhunter, there are now two less coyotes to worry about.

How to Field Dress a Deer In Seconds [VIDEO]

Learn how to field dress a deer in seconds.

Impressive Coyote Shot at 1,860 Yards [VIDEO]

Would you shoot at a coyote that was a mile out? Better yet, would you be able to hit it?

Turtle’s Heart, Removed from Body, Keeps Beating [VIDEO]

A snapping turtle's heart beats 30 minutes after being cleaned.

A Hilarious Take on Fishing with the Game Warden [VIDEO]

Comedian Jerry Clower gives his take on fishing with the Game Warden.

Now’s the Time to Restore Your Dutch Oven [VIDEO]

With things slowing down for hunting season, consider giving your Dutch oven a makeover.

How Not to Release a Trapped Bobcat [VIDEO]

And now, for your amusement... This is the wrong way to release a bobcat.

How to Catch Raccoons When the Weather Turns Cold [VIDEO]

Learn how to catch raccoons when the mercury drops.

The Most Unbelievable Archery Shot on a Moose [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when this bull moose is delivered a broadhead to his vitals.

Tour the Luxury EarthRoamer Camper [VIDEO]

Check out this rugged luxury camper. It's built to prepare you for everything short of nuclear war. (And maybe even that!)