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Wild boar can be frightening. Good thing these mini ponies were there to save the day.

Pinned to the ground by an enraged bear? The Back Attack Pack could offer you a fighting chance.

Try this unique bacon and eggs recipe the next time you’re in the backcountry.

Spring camping season is almost upon us. Time to get out in the woods! This time-lapse video of setting up a campsite will get you in the mood to sleep under the stars.

After a tough mountain lion hunt, a great shot brought it to an end.

Bowhunting the alpha predator of Africa will get your blood pumping.

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If you haven’t seen or heard of Tentsile Tents, you’re about to have your mind blown.

When most people here the words fire and water they automatically think about using the water to put fire out. What if there was a way to start fires with nothing more than some tinder and a plastic bag full of water? Learn how to do that and more in this video.

Two ice fisherman were in for a big surprise when they reeled in a live bird from freezing waters in northwestern Pennsylvania. Watch the amazing video.