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It’s on Like Donkey Kong. Rut-Crazed Buck Chases Doe Into...

Watch as a frisky buck chases a doe into a lake.

DIY European Skull Mount [Video]

Featured video on how to do your own skull mounts.

Yes, Stuffed Squirrel Can Make for a Gourmet Recipe [VIDEO]

Want to spice up a great camp lunch? Try squirrel. That's right -- squirrel!

Activity at the Elk Wallow [VIDEO]

Hunting a waterhole or elk wallow takes patience. This Stealthcam video shows that being at the right place at the right time is key to success.

Optimize Your Trail Cameras for Public Land Deer Hunting [VIDEO]

Check out these great tips for placing trail cameras when hunting public land.

Skin a Skunk Without the Odor [VIDEO]

Skinning a skunk isn't all that bad once the odor is eliminated. Here's how to do it.

Safely Hang Ladder Stands By Yourself [VIDEO]

Take the fear and hassle out of setting up ladder stands.

Man Survives Two Bear Attacks in 10 Minutes [VIDEO]

A Montana man is in the wrong place at the wrong time and suffers two bear attacks within a ten-minute period. Listen to his amazing tale of survival.

Squirrel Hunting Impact Shots in Slo-Mo [VIDEO]

These 26 astonishing squirrel impact shots will leave you amazed.

1,010-Yard Shots Drops Whitetail Buck [VIDEO]

This is how you do long-range shooting!