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Two elk hunters get a healthy dose of adrenaline when a bull moose decides to get up close and personal. Watch the gripping video.

Behold, a free-range typical whitetail like no other.

What happens when a deer dies in the wild? This trail-camera narrative tells the gruesome story.

Though the buffalo has a fearsome reputation in Africa, this rare and violent footage of a rhino attack on a buffalo shows who the boss really is between the two.

Help feed the hungry with your harvest. Find out how to get involved.

The rut is on! Yet bucks and does may not be where you think they are. This video explains how to locate them.

A few fellows are out on a lake for a day of angling when they come across a young deer struggling to stay afloat. Check out the video to see the full rescue.

Scrapes make deer hunting exciting. Learn how to interpret them and use them to your advantage in this insightful video.

Just in time for Veteran's Day, check out this video that recaps the Wounded Warrior/Alaska project, based on an idea from Griffin Guide's Joe Byers.

Birmingham Deer takes “beer o’ clock” to another level when he attempts to run inside a beer brewery.