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5 Drool-Worthy Pumpkin Venison Recipes

The Pumpkin Spice latte might be Starbucks’ take on the flavors of fall, but for those of us who spend cool days in the stand, the venerable Halloween gourd makes a great accompaniment to a venison feast.

Why Your Venison Tastes Awful … and How To Fix It

Here are some tips to help combat bad-tasting venison.

Is Your Venison At Risk During Warm-Weather Hunts?

Find out whether the outdoor temperature affects venison recovery.

How to Easily Process Your Own Deer [VIDEO]

Processing your own deer saves money, and ensures that your deer is properly cared for from start to finish. This video introduces you to the essentials behind DIY processing.

This Season’s Best Venison Recipe

This venison loin recipe is sure to turn anyone into true believers.

The Simple Guide to Canning Venison

Canning venison is one of the best ways to enjoy fresh venison all year long. Here's how to do it properly. Plus: a tasty recipe for Venison Stroganoff.

How to Calculate the Live Weight of a Deer

Learn how to calculate the live weight of a whitetail.

How Hunters Help Feed the Hungry

It's nice to be able to sit down and enjoy a nice venison dish from time to time at your dinner table. After all,...

How to Make the Best Venison Burger Ever

Here's a recipe that will quickly deplete your freezer of any game left over from last fall.

Is That Venison You’re Eating Locally Grown?

Groups of ecology-minded people are taking to the idea of locally grown venison. Find out what's behind the growing phenomenon.