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Butchering your own deer is very rewarding. We wouldn’t spend a Saturday any other way if we had the choice. Check out this great video and do it in no time flat!

Burgers are the most American thing that America has outside of the flag. Ask anyone around the world what we’re known for, and you’ll get "hamburger" as the answer. An even better burger exists here in America though, and it’s not made of beef… it’s made of venison.

Learn how to save money by making your own jerky.

We are always on the search for new and exciting venison recipes... Of course, the tenderloin is one of our favorite cuts so we figure it should be treated with care and special recipes are a great way to do that. Celby Richoux over at Wide Open Spaces put together these 6 Fantastic Tenerloin Recipes... check them out!

Everybody loves bacon, right? It seems most meals can be heartily improved by adding bacon strips or bits, and that wild game you just...

Followers of GriffinsGuide.com and The Hunting Page on Facebook got a look at a wide range of topics in 2013, from a rifle that...

Leaving the back-straps of a deer in the woods is unconscionable for most hunters (not to mention illegal), yet sportsmen routinely discard the heart...

"Now that you've learned to deer hunt, you need to sharpen your shooting skills to save as much venison as possible," said Lloyd Yelout,...

Wild game is the ultimate health food — just check out the catfish cakes shown above! It's usually local in nature, completely organic, with...

Every deer camp has enough knives to carve up a deer, yet marginal cuts are often left over. While they can be excellent in...