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Use up the last of that venison in your freezer and the extra squash from your garden for this easy recipe.

Check out this video to learn how to make the perfect grilled venison.

Don’t get cute with your venison jerky recipes; stick with something proven like this one.

The best way to get the venison you love is to process it yourself. This video will show you exactly how to do it.

Complaints may be common regarding the lack of flavor from ground venison. But you won't hear anyone griping about this recipe; check it out!

Pan-seared, grilled, or broiled, these venison medallions will leave you asking for more.

Hunter's Specialties offers two essential field dressing tools in one package; making field-dressing a breeze.

How cool it is to be able to have your freshly caught fish or wild game cooked up just for you. Learn about the new trend in hotel restaurants who are accommodating hungry sportsmen.

You'll love these two venison loin recipes so much you'll want to head right out to the woods and get yourself some more meat.

Butchering your own deer is very rewarding. We wouldn’t spend a Saturday any other way if we had the choice. Check out this great video and do it in no time flat!