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Buck Sheds Velvet Live on Trail Cam [VIDEO]

See this rare event caught on video as a buck sheds its velvet.

Antlers: A Closer Look

While deer antlers grow, they are covered with a fuzzy skin called "velvet." What is it? How does it grow? To learn more, check out this enjoyable post.

June Velvet [VIDEO]

Seeing bucks in velvet is always exciting; you'll be shocked at the of their antlers by mid-June. Check out the video to see for yourself.

Nice Rack: Our Fascination with Antlers

Antlers are truly amazing and one of nature's wonders. The more you know, the more you ask, "How do they do that?" Read on and prepare to be awed.

Why Bucks Don’t Lose Their Velvet

Deer antlers are one of the true wonders of nature. But what happens when they don't come off in the fall?