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50 Turkeys Roosting in One Tree [VIDEO]

Putting turkeys to bed has a completely different meaning when you have 50 turkeys.

Try This DIY Cow-Horn Turkey Call

Learn how to make a turkey call out of a cow horn.

Now’s the Time to Scout for Spring Turkeys

It's not too early to start thinking about scouting for spring turkeys!

Turkey Meets Broadhead Head On [VIDEO]

Fear not, turkey season will soon be upon us. Here's a fine motivational video to get you pumped.

Create a Place Turkeys Want to Be in 4 Easy Steps

Learn how to make your land a paradise for turkeys.

West Virginia Becoming a Deer Hunter’s Paradise

If you've never considered hunting in West Virginia, you're missing out.

The Best Days to Hunt Turkeys This Spring

Need some tips on when to hunt turkeys this spring? Find out the best days to plan a turkey hunt.

Turkey Lands on Hunter’s Compound [VIDEO]

What would you do if a turkey decided to roost on your bow while hunting? See how one hunter handled this unique situation.

Not Too Soon to Talk Turkey

Ready to talk turkey? Here's a turkey-calling idea that works tremendously well, especially for those who have difficulty with diaphragm callers.

How to Brine and Smoke Wild Turkey Breast [VIDEO]

Smoked wild turkey breast would be a great way to spice up your Thanksgiving meal.