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How to Bowhunt Spring Turkeys

Downing a wily spring gobbler with bow and arrow may seem impossible. Find out how one enterprising hunter solves this dilemma.

Cool New App Helps You Pick Your Turkey Load

A great new interactive tool allows you to examine shotgun patterning at ranges from 10–70 yards. And it's awfully fun to use. Check it out.

The Best Methods for Using Turkey Decoys [VIDEO]

Decoys can help lure in the wiliest of gobblers. This video shows the best and most effective ways to use decoys.

4 Steps to Picking the Right Turkey Blind

Hunting blinds are very effective for spring gobblers, but which one is best? Get this full rundown of your options, straight from the NWTF.

Daisy Offers New Archery Line

Longtime BB-gun manufacturer Daisy introduces a line of youth-oriented archery gear including long bows, compound bows, and crossbows. Find out what products are available.

Tenzing Turkey Vest Hailed by Industry Journal

Tenzing introduced a quality line of products two years ago, and their innovation resulted in a significant award. Read about their acclaimed products.

Winchester’s Long Beard Turkey Ammo Goes Magnum

Winchester introduces one of the hottest turkey loads out there. Is it turkey season yet?

A Low-Key, High-Excitement Turkey Hunt

We reveal one of our favorite turkey hunts, which offers great adventure for anyone who loves turkey hunting amidst majestic South Dakota great scenery.

Use the Lost Call for Fall Turkey Success

Fall turkey hunting gets you into the thick of the fall foliage. The results will reward your taste buds.

This Year’s Fall Turkey Forecast [VIDEO]

Fall turkey hunting plays second fiddle to the number of spring turkey advocates, yet more and more hunters are hearing the music of the lost turkey call. Find out why in this season-preview video.