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Turkey Hunting: First-Strike Strategies

Use this four-point turkey hunting plan and greatly boost your chances for success.

New All-Terrain Decoy Stand Makes Set-Up a Snap

Here's a quick and easy way to set up a turkey decoy.

Just How Smart Are Turkeys, Anyway?

Can turkeys learn? Hunters debate the intelligence of turkeys. Do they pick up on patterns and learn from their mistakes? Find out what the NWTF has to say on the topic.

The Science of Hunting Turkeys with a Shotgun

Here's how to pick the best turkey load pellet.

3 Turkey-Hunting Apps You Need (and Want) in Your Pocket

These three inexpensive apps will help you hunt smarter.

How to Kill Turkeys in Any Weather

Bad weather can be great for hunting. Here are proven methods for successful turkey hunting in any weather.

How to Skin a Turkey for the Taxidermist [VIDEO]

Learn how to safely skin a turkey for eating while not harming your trophy for the taxidermist.

How to Hunt Turkeys from a Boat

Hunting turkeys from a boat might be your ticket to success this spring. Learn how it's done.

How to Hunt a Gobbler In his Strut Zone [VIDEO]

Heed this good advice: Hunt gobblers that are in their strut zone. This video will show you how to tell when and how to make your move.

New Crossbow Is Bad News for Turkeys

Barnett's new crossbow is ideal for turkey hunting. Get the full specs.