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Keep Your Box Calls Sounding Sweet [VIDEO]

Homemade rosin will keep your box calls working at their best. Find out how it works.

How to Clean a Wild Turkey [VIDEO]

Here's a neat, easy way to clean a wild turkey.

Turkey Decoy Set-Up Tips from a Pro [VIDEO]

A Mossy Oak pro-staff member talks about turkey decoy set-up in this video. Learn how his decoy set up changes during the season.

DIY Turkey Fan and Beard Mount [VIDEO]

Marty Davison walks you through the steps of creating your own turkey fan/beard mount.

Turkey Hunter Has Close Encounter with Rattle Snake [VIDEO]

When hunting in poisonous snake country you have to be careful. I bet this hunter just about had a heart attack after he saw this footage.

This Turkey Headshot Will Astound You [VIDEO]

We all wish we could get a turkey headshot like this.

Pre-Season Turkey Scouting Tips [VIDEO]

Here are several tips for pre-season turkey scouting.

Want a Merriam’s? Nebraska Offers Three Tags

Nebraska offers three non-resident turkey tags. Learn how to apply.

Marine Takes Down His First Turkey [VIDEO]

Watch as a Marine goes after his first turkey.

When Nothing Else Works, Try This Turkey Hunting Tip [VIDEO]

Ever have one of those turkey hunting outings where absolutely nothing works? Here's a Hail Mary pass that might actually change your luck.