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Turkey Decoy Set-Up Tips from a Pro [VIDEO]

A Mossy Oak pro-staff member talks about turkey decoy set-up in this video. Learn how his decoy set up changes during the season.

DIY Turkey Fan and Beard Mount [VIDEO]

Marty Davison walks you through the steps of creating your own turkey fan/beard mount.

Turkey Hunter Has Close Encounter with Rattle Snake [VIDEO]

When hunting in poisonous snake country you have to be careful. I bet this hunter just about had a heart attack after he saw this footage.

This Turkey Headshot Will Astound You [VIDEO]

We all wish we could get a turkey headshot like this.

Pre-Season Turkey Scouting Tips [VIDEO]

Here are several tips for pre-season turkey scouting.

Want a Merriam’s? Nebraska Offers Three Tags

Nebraska offers three non-resident turkey tags. Learn how to apply.

Marine Takes Down His First Turkey [VIDEO]

Watch as a Marine goes after his first turkey.

When Nothing Else Works, Try This Turkey Hunting Tip [VIDEO]

Ever have one of those turkey hunting outings where absolutely nothing works? Here's a Hail Mary pass that might actually change your luck.

Turkey Head Shot with a Bow [VIDEO]

Shooting a spring gobbler in the head with an arrow sounds impossible since the target is so small and turkey heads are rarely still. Watch this video to see it done right.

Tips for Public Land Turkey Hunting [VIDEO]

Learn how to locate a gobbler on public land.