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Winchester's new Long Beard XR turkey load is tested out to 70 yards.

Trail cameras have become a staple for whitetail hunters because they tell hunters the quality of bucks in an area and the times of...

After calling a big spring gobbler into close range, a hunter misses on the first shot. What happens next is hard to believe.

Matt Wettish grew up in Connecticut with the ambition to make a living in the outdoors — hunting, fishing, whatever it took. He's succeeded...

Get a full rundown of the required equipment for, and tactics behind, turkey hunting.

Everybody loves bacon, right? It seems most meals can be heartily improved by adding bacon strips or bits, and that wild game you just...

Learn the wildlife-management techniques that will attract wild turkeys to your property.

With increasing numbers of people wanting to know the origins of their food, and some going so far as to describe themselves as "locavores,"...

Whether you prepare your treasured fall turkey or feed the family with a harvest from the grocery store, game birds are easily overcooked and...

With fall turkey hunting seasons starting in many parts of the nation, anticipation and adrenaline are running high. Readying your hunting gear, scouting your hunting...