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A Double on Eastern Turkeys [VIDEO]

You're calling in turkeys when two great targets present themselves. It just so happens you have two permits... See how this situation played out two big eastern turkeys in Wisconsin.

How to Successfully Bowhunt Turkeys

Bowhunting for turkeys is a tough proposition, we agree. Thankfully, we've got 10 tips to make it easier.

A Turkey Season to Remember [VIDEO]

You know it's been a good turkey season when you wrap tags around six gobblers.

These Turkeys Don’t Like Deer [VIDEO]

These turkeys don't cotton too well to having deer invade their turf. Watch what happens.

3 Ways to Cook Turkey Legs

Learn to cook turkey legs and get more meat for the table.

The Gear You Need for Bad-Weather Hunting

Don't let bad weather keep you in camp. These products make hunting in inclement weather a breeze.

How to Score Your Wild Turkey

Scoring your wild turkey and entering it in the records is a simple process thanks to the National Wild Turkey Federation.

6 Reasons Guys Should Take Their Gals Turkey Hunting

Men, here's how to introduce your gal to turkey hunting so you'll have a partner for life.

10 Reasons You Suck at Calling Turkeys

Every spring, the results are the same. You call, but the turkeys don't come. Here's why.

Shoot! But Which One?

How about four strutting longbeards?