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When it comes to removing the beard from a wild turkey, you don't need a knife. Two hands and a sharp tug will separate the beard with no mess. Realtree shows you how to get the job done.

Deer camps are great fun. Why not start a spring turkey camp? Our correspondent makes the case.

Gobbler decoys can be very effective, but must be used cautiously. We field test a versatile new decoy that offers exciting options.

Federal Premium's 3rd Degree ammo is designed to expand for close shots and maintain 40-yard lethality on turkeys. We tried it out in the field; see our full report.

A red-dot scope makes an outstanding turkey sight. Find out which brand our expert calls his favorite.

What does it mean to hunt turkeys in phases? Get some tom-targeting advice from a hunting pro.

Arrow placement is crucial for success when bowhunting turkeys. This video tells you exactly where to aim.

Filming a hunt alone is challenging, but so much fun. Watch as a huge gobbler falls victim to some clever hunting tactics.

Time-lapse cameras can be an invaluable turkey scouting tool. This model will capture all game movements near and far.

Turkey season is right around the corner, and it’s never too late to inventory your vest before you take it out in the field. Check out this list of the turkey vest essentials that no hunter should ever be caught without.