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Turkey season is right around the corner, and it’s never too late to inventory your vest before you take it out in the field. Check out this list of the turkey vest essentials that no hunter should ever be caught without.

A quality blind will work well for both turkey and deer. Here's our pick for the coming season.

Gobbler decoys can be deadly on spring gobblers. Here's a device that will have the turkeys actually running right to you.

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Joe Ogden and Jason Cleveland demonstrate their favorite killer sounds for spring gobblers. Joe and Jason’s record speaks for itself. These Whitetail Properties fellas can hunt turkeys, too. Watch the video to learn the killer sounds that help them succeed in the spring woods.

Downing a wily spring gobbler with bow and arrow may seem impossible. Find out how one enterprising hunter solves this dilemma.

A great new interactive tool allows you to examine shotgun patterning at ranges from 10–70 yards. And it's awfully fun to use. Check it out.

Shotgun loads for turkey hunting have come a long way in the past few years. Here are 8 turkey shotshell options you should try for this spring turkey season.

Decoys can help lure in the wiliest of gobblers. This video shows the best and most effective ways to use decoys.

This radically new approach to human scent elimination has many applications. Find out how you can put it to use on your next hunt.