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Fall turkey hunting plays second fiddle to the number of spring turkey advocates, yet more and more hunters are hearing the music of the lost turkey call. Find out why in this season-preview video.

Learning to call waterfowl and wild turkeys has never been easier or more effective.

If you have never tried fall turkey hunting, you're missing out on a lot of fun. Check out these tips for locating fall birds.

With fall turkey season upon us, here are some tips to help you land that Thanksgiving dinner.

A face mask is critical to total concealment. This new concept keeps you cool and covered.

Scoot and shoot turkey hunting can get you closer to your game bird, but is it worth it?

As the breeding season of wild turkeys progresses, hunters must adapt to changes in turkey movements. Mark Kayser speaks to late-season tactics in this informative video.

Two brothers (aged 83 and 74) were trapped for days in a sudden blizzard while hunting the Black Hills of South Dakota. Read their story of survival.

A young man with a unique nick name joins a turkey camp where humor and hard work abound.

Jeff Harrison was not out before dawn setting up decoys. He brazenly walked through fields as he hunted turkeys. How, then, did he manage to do so well?