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The True Force Behind Lethal Arrow Shots

When it comes to lethal arrow hits, momentum beats speed.

How to Set Up a New Bow [VIDEO]

Thinking of buying a used bow? That's smart; compound bows depreciate at least 25% the first year, allowing you to buy last year's top end bow at the price of this year's midlevel gear. Here's how you'll want to set up your bow.

How To Choose the Best Hunting Rest

Today’s gear offerings have so many choices a person can easily become overwhelmed. Here's what to consider when shopping for a hunting rest.

How To Super Tune Your Bowstring

Is your bowstring ready for the rough road ahead? Here's how to tell.

How To: Setting Up Your Bow for Fall Success

Tune your gear now. In spring and early summer, a pro shop will give you lots of time and attention. Wait until September and it's, “take a number and stand in line.”