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Epic Southern Bluefin Tuna Battle

A five-hour battle results in a massive tuna haul for these Aussie anglers.

Mexican Companies Withdraw from Bluefin Fishery

Mexican companies representing 93% of total tuna production in Mexico have committed to withdrawing from fishing Pacific bluefin tuna for the next five years. Find out why.

New Bluefin Spearfishing Record?

Did a California spearfisherman break a record after 173-pound bluefin catch? Find out all the details.

Champion Angler Lands Giant Tuna [VIDEO]

Watch these cool underwater shots of a monster bluefin tuna being caught of the coast of Prince Edward Island as world champion bass angler Scott Martin tackles this fish of lifetime in record time.

Insane Aussie Anglers Brave Big Waves on Sharp Rocks [VIDEO]

Watch as shore-based anglers brave big waves and sharp rocks to catch shockingly big fish. Welcome to morning-tide fishing in Australia.

Cow Yellowfin Tuna Off Venice Louisiana

A fishing captain recounts a story where the tuna were so fired up, they were biting on baby carrots! You have to read it to believe it!

New Zealand Fishermen Catch Giant Bluefin

Recently, a New Zealand father-and-son commercial angling team caught a massive fish that should get them a big payday. Red the full story.

How We Can Save Bluefin Tuna

Despite conservation issues, bluefin tuna prices are skyrocketing, with the fish being served as a delicacy throughout the world. What can be done about the situation? Read this special report.

Trust in Instincts Leads to a 225-lb. Tuna Haul

Hot on a tip of some fresh dope, a Louisiana fishing boat capatain was on his way to a new spot when he encountered some really fishy conditions. Find out how he did in this impressive tale.

Bluefin Tuna Limits Reduced

Years of overfishing have decimated the bluefin population to the point that drastic measures need to be taken to save the species. Find out how regulations will change in 2015.