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This topwater-based rigging system will have you hauling in giant bluefin tuna like never before. Find out how it works.

A young angler hauls in a record 618-lb. Atlantic bluefin tuna while fishing with parents in Nova Scotia. Read the amazing tale.

What's your definition of success when you're out on the water? It varies for everyone, yet there are some universal truths that should be acknowledged. Here's an insightful essay on how you can determine the success (or not) of your expedition.

A visual guide to true fish.

Get the facts about eating wild-caught fish.

The son of a son of a sailor proved his mettle during a recent fishing expedition off the coast of Nantucket. Singer Jimmy Buffett,...

Most anglers can relate to hooking a fish that they couldn't imagine letting get away. But few can relate to hooking a 920-lb. tuna...

Bowfishing is proving its popularity with each passing day. More gear is being introduced for fans of the sport, and some of these anglers...

When Samantha Dereschuk went deep-sea fishing for the first time ever in May 2013, she was just happy to be there. She was enjoying...