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How to Tan Your Own Furbearers [VIDEO]

Want to tan your own furbearers? Getting good results isn't as hard as you think.

Beaver No Match for 330 Bodygrip [VIDEO]

A 330 bodygrip is too much of a trap for even the biggest beaver. Check out what happens when this big beaver sticks his head in a 330.

Beaver Gets Caught in a Power Snare [VIDEO]

Watch a beaver work a set and eventually get caught in a power snare in this informative video.

Coyote Steps in Foothold Trap [VIDEO]

Seeing how a coyote works a set will make you a better trapper. Watch this video and learn.

The Benefits of a PVC Fleshing Beam, and How to Make...

A fleshing beam made out of PVC might be better than a wooden beam. This article reveals why, and guides you through the process of making your own.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fur [VIDEO]

To get the most out of your furs, you need to know the best way to sell them. This video explains it all.

Understanding the Fur Trade

Get an in-depth look at the fur market, from the trap to the fashion runway.

How Not to Release a Trapped Bobcat [VIDEO]

And now, for your amusement... This is the wrong way to release a bobcat.

How to Catch Raccoons When the Weather Turns Cold [VIDEO]

Learn how to catch raccoons when the mercury drops.

The Perfect Trap Placement for Otters [VIDEO]

Do you have trouble deciding where to place traps for otter? This video will show you the way.