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Keep Your Trail Camera Safe from Thieves

Protect your trail cameras from thieves. Here's how to find the perfect hiding spot.

How to Catch Fall Gobblers

Bagging a big buck is tough, yet hoisting a mature gobbler over your shoulder can be even more challenging. Once you've located a flock of gobblers, use these tips to score.

5 Ways Deer Hunters Make the Most of Their Trail Cams...

A 14-day trail-camera survey can reveal tons of great information about a local deer herd. Here are five tips for producing better results.

Deer Camera Captures Thief in Act

Trail cameras also make excellent security cameras. That's how one hapless thief was caught in the act. Check out the video.

12 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Trail Camera

Next month is the perfect time to get your trail cameras in order. Here are 12 tips to help you get the most from your trail cameras.

When It Comes to Trail Cameras, Sometimes Simpler Is Better

New Primos Proof trail cameras are ultra simple to operate. And sometimes simpler is better.

New Hampshire Bans Drones, Smart Rifles, and Live-Action Game Cameras

New Hampshire believes technology has gone too far with some outdoor products. See what regulations may be coming down the pike.

New Browning Trail Cameras Raise the Bar

It's helpful to have a trail-cam image of big antlers near your stand, but it's a lot more enjoyable to see video of the deer or other animals as they pass by. New Browning models bring those images to you with better picture quality than ever before. Check out the stats.

A Wireless Trail Camera That Pays for Itself

Tired of traipsing out to check your trail cam again and again? This wireless trail camera is an economical alternative. Bonus: You won't alert game to your presence when checking photos, since you'll be at your computer. Check out our preview.

Deer Feeders Attract More Than Just Deer

If you plan to hunt a deer feeder this year, prepare for unwanted guests. Find out who's likely to show up.