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Screaming Mountain Lion Caught on Chilling Video

Here's an animal sound that you've probably never heard before: a screaming mountain lion. They don't sound like you'd expect.

Black Bear Opens Trail Camera, Pulls Out Media Card

Black bears are notorious for messing with trail cameras. Our writer experienced this first-hand when a curious bear manhandled (bearhandled?) his cam.

Primos’ New Camera is Simple Enough for Any Technophobe

This trail camera is compact and easy to use. Did we say easy? We meant idiot-proof. 'Cause sometimes simple is better.

QDMA Offers Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Great gift idea for the outdoors-loving dads in your life.

This Time-Lapse Camera Will Improve Your Scouting

Time-lapse cameras can be an invaluable turkey scouting tool. This model will capture all game movements near and far.

Three Great Deer Hunting Tools from Bone Collector

Bone Collector Fans will be thrilled with these three new deer-hunting products. Check out this preview.

Product Spotlight: Bushnell’s Texting Trail Camera

Trail cameras are one of today's best scouting tools, regardless of the season. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you know the quality and number...

A Trail Camera Timeline for November

Whitetail deer behavior changes more in November than any other month. Bucks that have been absent from fields and deer woods suddenly seem to...

How to Select the Right Trail Cam

Researching the best trail camera for your needs before purchasing one is essential and, for many hunters, daunting. All trail cameras are not created...

Deer Hunting: Spotlighting vs. Trail Cameras

In states that still allow spotlighting, many hunters and wildlife enthusiasts enjoy heading out at night to see what wildlife they can find.