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Topwater Hour Jacks [VIDEO]

A pair of anglers battle big mean jacks biting topwater lures off the Space Coast of northern Florida. They seem a little undergunned, if you ask us.

9-lb. Bass Attacks Frog in the Air [VIDEO]

Watch a 9-lb. bass attack a lunker frog in the air beside the angler's boat.

How to Fish Surface Chuggers

Check out these proven topwater strategies for your arsenal, both inshore and off.

Adrenaline Junkie Swims Amidst Topwater Tuna Frenzy [VIDEO]

When it comes to fishing, few things are as exciting to see as tuna breaking topwater. Unless you count swimming among them while they're feeding. Check out this insane video.

Mice and Frogs: Pests or Topwater Gold?

Learn how to choose between a frog and a mouse for topwater bass fishing.