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How to Hunt the Rut

For hunters, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Once you figure out the gear you like and the places to...

How to Buy the Right Blind

You may bowhunt from a treestand or prefer the run-and-gun method, but chances are you'll hunt from a blind at least a few times...

Strategies for Bowhunting Bears

For hunters of deer, wild turkeys, and other big game, hunting black bears can be the ultimate in exciting hunts. When planning a bear...

Control Invasives Now for More Wildlife Tomorrow

The key to controlling invasive species is early detection and swift action on the part of landowners.

Using Coffee in a Survival Situation

In a survival situation, everyday items can become life-saving assets. Here's an item you'll want plenty of in a survival situation: coffee.

6 Tips for Dove Field Safety

American Hunter's Kyle Wintersteen says hunting is not only enjoyable but safe. He cites the most recent research from the National Shooting Sports Foundation,...

How to Dog-Hunt Fall Gobblers

There are many ways to bag a wild turkey during the fall season. If you're planning a longbeard hunt this fall, you've likely studied...

Plant Acorns for Better Habitat

Hunting season is a great time to consider what trees you should plant on your property; improve your oaks by planting acorns now.

Three Green Fishing Habits

Learn three simple ways to make your fishing routine more green.

How to Land Swordfish

Two deep-sea-fishing captains reveal their best techniques to land swordfish.