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The Right Way to Remove a Tick [VIDEO]

Experts reveal the proper way to remove a tick.

How to Make Your Own Tick Repellant [VIDEO]

Stop ticks before they have a chance to attack your skin with this DIY tick repellant.

How to Safely Remove Ticks with a Cotton Swab [VIDEO]

Using a cotton swab to remove ticks is a good way to be sure the head of the tick does not stay in your skin. This video illustrates the proper and safe way to remove a tick.

Elimitick Offers Protection Against Ticks

This line of camo clothing works to protect the wearer against ticks.

How Possums Help Prevent Lyme Disease

Find out how opossums help mankind out in the fight against the spread of Lyme disease.

Blocking Bugs Critical to Outdoor Comfort and Health

Insect repellent normally requires different applications for skin and clothing. BugBlocker offers both; here's a closer look.

The Best Ways to Avoid Ticks

Ticks are a significant pest through summer and into fall. Don't miss our tips on how to avoid these nasty, biting bugs.

A Nasty New Breed of Tick Hits the Woods

It's tick season again. You may know of Lyme's disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, but there is more bad news from this pesky vermin. Find out what you can do to protect yourself.

The World’s Smallest Whitetail Predator [VIDEO]

Ticks are a predator of whitetail deer and a source of disease to humans. See this video to find out how you can protect yourself against tick infections.

6 Tips for Bug-Proofing Your Hunt

Lyme's disease has surpassed AIDS as the leading infectious disease in the United States and costs Americans nearly $1 billion per year. Worse yet,...