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Fishing Tactics for Northern Pike

Get a roundup of the best tips for catching aggressive pike.

Control Invasives Now for More Wildlife Tomorrow

The key to controlling invasive species is early detection and swift action on the part of landowners.

Fishing: Lake Michigan vs. the Ocean

10 reasons why fishing Lake Michigan is better than fishing the ocean.

Plant Acorns for Better Habitat

Hunting season is a great time to consider what trees you should plant on your property; improve your oaks by planting acorns now.

Youth Trout Day OK’d in PA

One of the best ways to start hunting or fishing is to find a mentor to serve as a guide. The Pennsylvania Fish &...

How to Make Your Boat Theft-Proof

You need to know these simple solutions for theft-proofing your boat.

Fall Squirrel-Hunting Tips

Squirrel hunt can be some of the most fun, fast-paced hunts you'll ever experience. It's a game of listening for movement, finding the squirrels,...

2013’s Best New Archery Gear

Each new hunting season presents an opportunity to shop for new gear. With archery season upon us, you may have found yourself in need...

Fall Fishing Tips

Yes, the leaves are changing in parts of the country, but the most important colors for fall fishing are the ones at the end of your line.