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Trapping Hogs in Texas [Video]

Texas hogs are a problem. It would take a lot of traps to get rid of them all. But that doesn't stop this hunter, who's doing his part to lessen their numbers. Join him on this video hunt.

Wet Whitetail Season Largely Frustrates Hunters

Weather-related challenges led to a frustrating 2015-16 season for whitetail hunters.

Teen Shoots Rare All-Black Deer

A teen from Dallas shoots a rare all black deer. Would you pass up the shot at a once in a lifetime animal, or would you squeeze the trigger?

Marine Arrested At Mexican Border While Trying to Go Hunting

Talk about a hunting trip gone wrong: An ex-Marine was arrested, along with his three kids, when he made a wrong turn and ended up at the Mexico border. Find out what happened.

Battle Brewing Between Deer Breeders and State [VIDEO]

A battle is brewing between deer breeders and the state of Texas over new rules relating to CWD. Read the full report.

Coyotes Got More Than They Bargained for Trying to Attack Deer...

Coyotes are known to prey on whatever they can find. This pack wasn't lucky when they tried to attack some deer in Texas.

10-Year-Old Girl Shoots Monster Gator

Move over, Katniss! A 10-year-old girl killed a 13-foot-long alligator with nothing more than a crossbow and a lot of pluck.

Texas Man Shoots at Armadillo, Bullet Ricochets and Hits Shooter

Who knew that armadillo armor was bulletproof? One halpess hunter found this out the worst way possible.

Quiet, Piggies: Hunting Hogs with a Silencer [VIDEO]

Watch as Keith Warren hunts East Texas hogs with his Savage Arms Model 10 suppressed rifle in .308 caliber.

Texans to Raise $1M for Special Forces

Called "The Most Money Ever Raised with Guns," this charity shoot benefits Special Forces personnel.