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Suppressors are commonplace in hunting situations around the world. Find out what they are, how they work, and whether they're coming to America.

What a wonderful world to be flying in a helicopter while killing feral hogs.

Did you know West Texas has some of the best ancient Native American rock art in the United States?

Are you looking to harvest a world record whitetail? You may want to know the best states to start looking and what the numbers tell you.

A great perspective: Texas bowhunting with the added angle provided by a GoPro.

Clint Dempsey (aka Captain America) is the leader of Team USA in the World Cup tournament. He's also an avid fisherman. Learn about his love for fishing.

Could you catch striped bass on the fly? That's how they're doing it in Texas; read on to find out why.

Bagging a spring gobbler with a bow takes preparation and patience. Tom Franklin took his shotgun and his Mathews bow to a blind, where the stick and string paid off.

Texas is all about bringing young hunters into the fold. These kids had a great time; learn how you can sign up your kids for future youth hunting camps.

The bird hunter in this video makes a one-handed catch worthy of Sportcenter’s Top 10.