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Check out cool pictures of 10 amazing tents for the camping world.

The Froute tent is a flower pod tent that will ensure you are camping in style.

To discourage bears, put as many things in your favor as possible when setting camp. “Bear proof” may not be a guarantee, but you can be proactive.

Spring camping season is almost upon us. Time to get out in the woods! This time-lapse video of setting up a campsite will get you in the mood to sleep under the stars.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Tentsile Tents, you’re about to have your mind blown.

Some designs and ideas for outdoor products never cease to amaze. Is the Camping Doughnut the future of tents?

You can always use some tips for wild camping. It's is one of life’s essential experiences and a great way to get off the grid, whether with friends or as a soulful solo trip. Check out these suggestions before planning your next trip.

With a vast array of camping tents available, picking one can seem like a daunting task. A cheap tent may look as good as an expensive tent, but which one is right for you? We'll help you figure it out.

It’s dirty, hard work and the snoring from the next tent over is enough to keep the whole field awake, so if camping is so tough, why do we enjoy it so much?

These 10 incredibly cool tents might be the future of camping.