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DIY European Skull Mount [Video]

Featured video on how to do your own skull mounts.

How to Dip Your Own Animal Skulls [VIDEO]

This video will teach you how to save money on your next skull dip.

DIY Turkey Fan and Beard Mount

After putting in the hard work to harvest a big gobbler, the best way to honor the bird and preserve memories for years to come is to mount it. It's easier than you think.

DIY Turkey Fan and Beard Mount [VIDEO]

Marty Davison walks you through the steps of creating your own turkey fan/beard mount.

The Worst Mounts Ever

The images of these, the worst animal mounts in the world, will be forever burned into your memory. We apologize in advance.

How to Skin a Turkey for the Taxidermist [VIDEO]

Learn how to safely skin a turkey for eating while not harming your trophy for the taxidermist.

A Cool Way to Display Your Turkey

This cool beard-and-spur display is nice way to honor your next gobbler.

The Final Step of Caping: Antlers and Measurements [VIDEO]

Proper measurements are essential for your taxidermist. Learn how to do it the right way.

How to Cape Around the Mouth and Nose of a Deer...

This how-to video will get you through the process of caping around the nose and mouth of a whitetail.

How to Cape Around the Ears and Eyes of a Deer...

Caping around the ears and eyes of a deer doesn't have to be hard. Watch this video to see how simple and straightforward the process really is.