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This new target helps you correct mistakes in shooting form.

Archery targets are inexpensive and versatile, helping you practice a variety of shooting situations. Here's how to get the best use out of them, along with a few recommended products.

On second thought, putting shooting targets on trees wasn't too bright.

3-D targets have revolutionized target archery and made hunters much more effective in the field, since they can better judge distance and, more importantly,...

Is it possible to practice too much when it comes to bowhunting? The answer may surprise you.

One of the best investments any bowhunter can make is the purchase of a quality 3-D target that simulates the game species he'll be hunting. This may be the best one we've seen.

A quality 3-D target costs around $100, an investment that will pay dividends over many years.

Standard archery targets will stop crossbow bolts… but not for long. Today’s heaviest crossbows launch arrows with kinetic energy nearly twice that of the average compound bow.

Interest in archery remains high after the 2012 summer Olympic Games and movies featuring archers as their heroines, but it isn't just a Hollywood...