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After battling a huge swordfish to the surface on his trusty handline out off the coast of New Zealand, this angler finds himself in a race with a gigantic mako shark to secure his prize catch and get it aboard his little boat in one piece!

Read about a record-sized swordfish recently caught in the Florida Keys and why these fish are making a strong comeback.

North Atlantic swordfish populations have seen a terrific recovery in recent years. Now that they're plentiful, here's how to get in on the action.

After Deadliest Catch's first year, there were suddenly a bunch of commercial fishing shows on TV. One of them was called Swords: Life on...

Get the facts about eating wild-caught fish.

Swordfights generally bring to mind swashbuckling heroes doing battle with villains on land or at sea. Roman gladiators, Medieval knights and, in modern times,...