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These 7 Shelters Could Save Your Life

Don't go in the woods unprepared. Any one of these seven primitive shelters that could save your life.

How to Avoid Freezing in Life-or-Death Situations

Learn how to avoid freezing to death in survival situations by finding dry firewood to start a fire.

How to Make Waterproof Matches [VIDEO]

Waterproof matches can be lifesavers. Here's how to make them.

Use Rocks to Fry a Campfire Steak

Outdoor cooking requires creativity. Here's how you can cook a steak on a rock next time you've got a campfire going.

Two Grizzlies Attack Cameraman [VIDEO]

Grizzly bears are among the world's most unpredictable predators. See the moment when two of these enormous creatures attack this cameraman.

3 Steps to Stay Alive [VIDEO]

These three tips may help keep you alive if faced with deadly danger.

Good Intentions Gone Awry: Artificial Feeding Causes 12 Deer Deaths [VIDEO]

After such a cold and brutal winter, who could blame folks in a New Hampshire neighborhood for feeding whitetail deer? Despite their best intentions, artificial feeding caused the death of a dozen deer. Watch the disturbing report.

Alberta Hunter Killed by Grizzly

Alberta records its second bear fatality. Learn the horrific story of one unfortunate hunter's deadly bear encounter.

How to Make a Primitive Survival Crossbow [VIDEO]

The ability to craft a crossbow for food and protection is an important skill. This video will walk you through the process.

National Guardsman Mauled by Bear in Alaska

A National Guardsman in Alaska happened upon a sow and her cubs, with nearly fatal results. Here's the full shocking story.