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Big Bass, Big Money!

A 53.3-lb. striper takes prize in Championship on the Chesapeake.

First Jersey Stripers of 2015

A sure sign that spring is upon even the most winter-weary parts of the country: A pair of South Jersey fishermen land the season's first striped bass.

Top U.S. Winter Fishing Destinations

Find out where the best U.S. winter-fishing hotspots are located. Few of these destinations offer warm weather, but all of them offer great fishing.

Anglers Back Striper Limit Reduction

New York-based recreational anglers backed a proposal to drop striped-bass bag limits to one fish per angler, per day. Does this represent a national trend among those who love the sport? Read the complete story.

Extreme Fall Flyfishing

Fall in the Northeast part of the country brings out a whole different kind of fly fishing. It's salty, and the fish are typically bigger than a trout! Find out what they're catching now.

Finfish Identification

A visual guide to true fish.

Feds Consider New Rules on Striped Bass

With female striped bass breeding stock in decline, a debate is going on as to whether or not the fish should be managed at the federal level. Find out what's being discussed.

NY Angler Catches Record Striper

An upstate New York angler reels in a 60-lb. behemoth from the Hudson River.

Targeting Striped Bass On the Fly

Could you catch striped bass on the fly? That's how they're doing it in Texas; read on to find out why.

The News About Striped Bass: Time For Concern?

On the East Coast, striped bass, known as "rockfish" in some areas, is a fishery in danger. Find out why this should affect your fishing habits.