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Fall in the Northeast part of the country brings out a whole different kind of fly fishing. It's salty, and the fish are typically bigger than a trout! Find out what they're catching now.

A visual guide to true fish.

With female striped bass breeding stock in decline, a debate is going on as to whether or not the fish should be managed at the federal level. Find out what's being discussed.

An upstate New York angler reels in a 60-lb. behemoth from the Hudson River.

Could you catch striped bass on the fly? That's how they're doing it in Texas; read on to find out why.

On the East Coast, striped bass, known as "rockfish" in some areas, is a fishery in danger. Find out why this should affect your fishing habits.

The next generation of anglers has a new superstar in the making. Watch and enjoy.

A great tip for catching fish comes from a striped bass fishery; read on to learn this terrific idea.

One of the things that draws me to fishing in the ocean is you never know what might show up on the end of...

If you're angling on the Atlantic, there's a good chance you've got your line set for striped bass. More and more aficionados are putting...