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A 53.3-lb. striper takes prize in Championship on the Chesapeake.

A sure sign that spring is upon even the most winter-weary parts of the country: A pair of South Jersey fishermen land the season's first striped bass.

Find out where the best U.S. winter-fishing hotspots are located. Few of these destinations offer warm weather, but all of them offer great fishing.

New York-based recreational anglers backed a proposal to drop striped-bass bag limits to one fish per angler, per day. Does this represent a national trend among those who love the sport? Read the complete story.

Fall in the Northeast part of the country brings out a whole different kind of fly fishing. It's salty, and the fish are typically bigger than a trout! Find out what they're catching now.

A visual guide to true fish.

With female striped bass breeding stock in decline, a debate is going on as to whether or not the fish should be managed at the federal level. Find out what's being discussed.

An upstate New York angler reels in a 60-lb. behemoth from the Hudson River.

Could you catch striped bass on the fly? That's how they're doing it in Texas; read on to find out why.

On the East Coast, striped bass, known as "rockfish" in some areas, is a fishery in danger. Find out why this should affect your fishing habits.