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Have you ever thought about squirrel hunting from the prone position? You might get more squirrels if you did, as this video shows.

Ever wanted to see a hunt in slow motion? You're in luck; this video features an air-rifle squirrel hunt, captured in glorious slo-mo.

The next time you skin a squirrel does not have to be hard or messy. View this video for easy instructions. After the squirrel is dressed, enjoy the recipes from this article.

Archery squirrel hunting takes a lot of skill and determination. These 26 amazing squirrel hunting kill shots will have you in awe.

The number of places to hunt in the United States is endless. From coast to coast, our country provides a variety of hunting destinations...

Squirrel hunt can be some of the most fun, fast-paced hunts you'll ever experience. It's a game of listening for movement, finding the squirrels,...