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Yes, Stuffed Squirrel Can Make for a Gourmet Recipe [VIDEO]

Want to spice up a great camp lunch? Try squirrel. That's right -- squirrel!

Squirrel Hunting Impact Shots in Slo-Mo [VIDEO]

These 26 astonishing squirrel impact shots will leave you amazed.

DIY Squirrel Hauler

Pay attention, small-game hunters. If you have an extra coat hanger in your closet, this DIY squirrel tote won't cost you a dime.

An Easy Way to Clean a Squirrel Plus a Couple Kill...

This video shows everything you need to know in order to clean a squirrel with ease.

How to Clean a Squirrel in Under a Minute [VIDEO]

Learn to clean a squirrel in just seconds, practically mess free.

Sell Squirrel Tails for Cash [VIDEO]

Turn those squirrel tails into cash -- or new fishing lures. Here's how to do it.

Make Hot-Fried Squirrel, Nashville Style

Try out this recipe for Nashville-Style Hot Fried Squirrel.

Squirrel Hunting with a Primitive Bow [VIDEO]

Here's how to make your own archery gear for a challenging squirrel hunt.

How to Make Squirrel Barbacoa Tacos [VIDEO]

Looking for a new way to prepare squirrels? Here's a good recipe that's easy to prepare. It also serves as a good entry point if you've never sampled squirrel meat.

How to Choose and Train a Good Squirrel Dog

Unable to fill your squirrel limits? A hunting dog might be the answer. Here's how to select and train the best squirreler on four legs.