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DIY Squirrel Hauler

Pay attention, small-game hunters. If you have an extra coat hanger in your closet, this DIY squirrel tote won't cost you a dime.

An Easy Way to Clean a Squirrel Plus a Couple Kill...

This video shows everything you need to know in order to clean a squirrel with ease.

How to Clean a Squirrel in Under a Minute [VIDEO]

Learn to clean a squirrel in just seconds, practically mess free.

Sell Squirrel Tails for Cash [VIDEO]

Turn those squirrel tails into cash -- or new fishing lures. Here's how to do it.

Make Hot-Fried Squirrel, Nashville Style

Try out this recipe for Nashville-Style Hot Fried Squirrel.

Squirrel Hunting with a Primitive Bow [VIDEO]

Here's how to make your own archery gear for a challenging squirrel hunt.

How to Make Squirrel Barbacoa Tacos [VIDEO]

Looking for a new way to prepare squirrels? Here's a good recipe that's easy to prepare. It also serves as a good entry point if you've never sampled squirrel meat.

How to Choose and Train a Good Squirrel Dog

Unable to fill your squirrel limits? A hunting dog might be the answer. Here's how to select and train the best squirreler on four legs.

Hunter Completes the Grand Slam of Squirrels

Johnathan O'Dell completed the slam of squirrels, harvesting one each of the eight U.S. bushytail species of squirrels. Has it ever been done before?

How to Hunt Late-Season Squirrels [VIDEO]

Squirrel season is getting into the late-season stage. Do you know what it takes to harvest a limit of squirrels this time of year? We'll tell you.