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Spring turkey season is right around the corner. Do you have the gear you need to be successful?

Finding young animals alone in the wild is normal. You know not to pick up a black bear cub, so give other creatures the same courtesy.

This lush green plot is going to become a whitetail magnet come fall. Find out what you can do now to develop your own foot plot.

Members of the North American Hunting Club share their best pictures of spring gobblers. Check out these stunning images.

My daughter Leah came home last year in the spring, wanting little more than to catch some white bass in the river not far...

Spring has arrived, and there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the outdoors. Take a hike, cast a line, or pitch a tent, but...

Turkey season has arrived in a few states, yet for most of the U.S., the booming gobbles of spring are just ahead. Cabelas and...

Stumbling onto a sow bear with cubs is every hunter's nightmare and doubly so when the bruin is a grizzly.  Here's one man's harrowing...

Opinions vary about the best decoy for spring turkey hunting, as do the recommendations for the best setup. But whether they prefer a jake,...

Wild turkeys have the keenest senses among any game animal and can be especially difficult to hunt on days when the wind lays still...