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Turkey Hunting: First-Strike Strategies

Use this four-point turkey hunting plan and greatly boost your chances for success.

This Turkey Decoy Makes Them Run Right to You [VIDEO]

Gobbler decoys can be deadly on spring gobblers. Here's a device that will have the turkeys actually running right to you.

Two Toms, Two Arrows, One Minute

Bagging a spring gobbler with a bow takes preparation and patience. Tom Franklin took his shotgun and his Mathews bow to a blind, where the stick and string paid off.

Tagging a Set of Kentucky Longbears [VIDEO]

Kentucky is very hunter-friendly and has lot of sporting opportunity. Watch as these four hunters bat 100 percent on longbeards.

Bowman Hunts Turkeys at Six Yards with No Blind [VIDEO]

Bowhunting turkeys is an incredible challenge. You'll be on the edge of your seat as this marksman prepares to make an amazing shot. Watch the video for pure excitement.

Multiple Backup Plans Ensure Turkey-Hunting Success

When turkey hunting, an arsenal of strategies and tactics is just as important as the bullets in your gun.

Field Test: Mossberg 20-Gauge Turkey THUG Shotgun

This light and lethal autoloader is ideal for running and gunning. Read our full review.

How to Scout Spring Gobblers [VIDEO]

Scouting spring gobbler locations is an excellent way to boost spring turkey success. Here's how to do it.

Targeting the Rio Grande Wild Turkey

The Rio Grande gobbler is one of the four-turkey grand slam. Follow one hunter as he tries to complete his big-four quest.

Product Spotlight: Tenzing Turkey Vest/Chair

Tenzing, a well-regarded manufacturer of quality backpacks, offers a great product for those carrying gear out to turkey-hunting sits. Get the full review.