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Hunters are forced to make a repositioning move when a close-in gobbler just won't approach. See if it pays off.

Spring gobblers are incredibly easy to miss, especially at close or long range. The excitement is so great that hunters just shoot blindly. Don't...

Trail cameras have become a staple for whitetail hunters because they tell hunters the quality of bucks in an area and the times of...

After calling a big spring gobbler into close range, a hunter misses on the first shot. What happens next is hard to believe.

Hard core hunting is not just a slogan, but a company that lives up to its name. Last spring I had the pleasure to...

Calling in a gobbler can be one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding tasks for a turkey hunter. Figuring out whether to use...

Make sure you know these three important things to consider when planning an out-of-state turkey hunt.

Bowhunting wild turkeys with bow and arrow is incredibly challenging. That's why you'll want a target like this to use for practice.

Ground blinds are becoming increasingly popular with turkey hunters because the set up quickly and allow a hunter to move and be more comfortable...

As wild turkeys flocks begin to break up and scatter to their spring nesting grounds, don’t overlook public land as a spring gobbler go-to....