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This Black Powder Turkey Hunt Is Insane [VIDEO]

Hunting spring gobblers with a muzzleloader is lots of fun. But what these hunters experienced on this black powder turkey hunt will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

How to Bowhunt Spring Turkeys

Downing a wily spring gobbler with bow and arrow may seem impossible. Find out how one enterprising hunter solves this dilemma.

A Low-Key, High-Excitement Turkey Hunt

We reveal one of our favorite turkey hunts, which offers great adventure for anyone who loves turkey hunting amidst majestic South Dakota great scenery.

Early Birds Don’t Always Catch the Turkeys

Jeff Harrison was not out before dawn setting up decoys. He brazenly walked through fields as he hunted turkeys. How, then, did he manage to do so well?

Doubling Down on Longbeards [VIDEO]

Turkey-hunting newbies take down a pair of gobblers in this very informative and action packed video.

Turkeys No Match for a Marine

Helping a Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan take his first turkey was the thrill of a lifetime. Follow along on a hunt to remember.

All Good Gobblers Come to Those Who Wait

Determined hunters young and old push through cold weather and luckless days to bag the biggest catch of all.

Can’t-Miss Gobbler Sight: Fact or Fiction?

An inexpensive, easy-to-install rear sight will virtually eliminate misses on wild turkeys. Too good to be true? Read on.

Fanning for Gobblers: A Brass-Balls Hunting Tactic

Fanning turkeys is a very effective tactic for hunting spring gobblers. While it can bring dominant toms running, you must proceed with caution. Read on to find out why.

50-70 Yard Turkey Load? [VIDEO]

Winchester's new Long Beard XR turkey load is tested out to 70 yards.